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Is October a good month to marry in Mexico?

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Hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin (which accounts for hurricanes on the Caribbean shore of Mexico) starts June 1 and ends November 30. Maximum activity is between August and October, with the peak activity generally being in early to mid September (as determined by the U.S. National Hurricane Center). A hurricane or tropical storm can occur anytime in this period--Emily occurred in July 2005 and Wilma in October 2005. The 2005 hurricane season was the worst in 154 years. However, it was an anomaly and is not expected to be repeated soon. The vast majority of hurricanes do not make landfall. The majority of those that do reach land don't strike the Mayan Riviera.


Travelers visiting Playa at this time of year should keep a close watch on the storm warnings and consider travel insurance just to be safe.

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I've lived here in Playa del Carmen for three years now and I always enjoy October weather (I missed Wilma). It does rain but hardly more than a couple hours now and then, it's nice actually. The ocean is still warm from the summer which I like but the temperatures have dropped.


Most people here rely on the seasonal nature of the tourism business. The Summer is hot and slow and people are really glad to see the tourists return in October and everyone is happy to please. I think you get the best service early in the season rather than late when everyone gets overworked and jaded. Something to consider.


So I say, go for it!

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I saw yes

Its beautiful

It is so warm - average 27 degrees

if it does rain its for 10 minutes!

I like that its not sweltering like +32 or more, when wearing a wedding dress, thats a big fator!


I chose Nov as it was better for us, but Oct would be great too!

And ....

its not too close to Xmas! Which I love ..... my guests felt Nov was getting close and money would be tight.

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I was at the RM in October 2007, and stayed at the Grand Sirenis. The weather was beautiful, around 30C, a little brisk at night, you'd need to bring a light jacket or a long sleeve on some nights. We would get the occassional afternoon shower around 3pm and it would only last about 5 minutes. It didn't rain hard, it was just light and you're fine walking around in the rain if you are dressed for it (in your swimwear as opposed to dry clothes) The thing about afternoon showers is that the weather is still warm, it cools down the temperature about a degree or two so it's not sweltering lilke BandE2008 said.. but give it a couple minutes and the sun has you hot again!

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personally, I would try to put it off a month two and get married in late november or early december when the prices are still very low but the hurrican risk is much lower. Even if you have travel insurance, imagine the disappointment of cancelling your tripo and wedding just a few days before leaving. And not all travel insurance or travel companies will allow you to cancer in case of hurricane, make sure to check carefully. After the big hurricanes of the past few years though a lot of tour operators changed their policy to allow you to change time or location when there is a hurricane warning.

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