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Waiting for the mail......

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OK so some of you might remember my 2 dress dilemma - I already have one beachy dress but then I found another one of my dreams on EBAY (again I am slightly addicted to EBAY) - SO I went to the Bridal store here and tried some on that looked like it - and then I came home and BID ON IT!! It was only $99 so it is still ok....but I am impatiently waiting for it and I think it is supposed to come today!!


There is what it looks like - so anyways.......is it 4:00 yet? That is about when my mail comes........

Here is a copy of it - but mine is in white - I hope this pic works - thanks maura


This is the actual dress below


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betsy, photo is working now!


it looks great, actually kinda similar to my dress so i might be biased since the top of mine is halter with some beaded lace, and my skirt is also pickups but slightly different than yours. for $99 you really cant beat it -- if it comes and you love it, awesome! but if it sucks at least it was only $99 and you can turn around and resell it on ebay or use it for a TTD!

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That's beautiful! And of course Maura and I are biased due to the pickups as well wink.gif

Pics when it comes in the mail, please!

Plus, like Maura says you can resell it, or donoate it or whatever, and some sellers sometimes give refunds if you get it back right away. You just have to ask, even if thie policy says No!

AND, you already have another dress that you like, so no worries!

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