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Went crazy at Target!

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Oh man! I just went to Target over my lunch break and I went completely insane in the travel section! I got all sorts of things to go in my OOT bags. Let's see... I got: small first aide kits, germ-x, kleenex, lotion, shout wipes, toothpaste, scope, small loufas (sp?), travel medicines.. just all kinds of things! I wish I could have ordered off of that website that everyone talks about but unfortunately I waited till the last minute to decide to do these OOT Bags.

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Thank god for Target! i also got the spanish for dummies books there. they are in the $1 section. I'm going to go back and get all the travel size toiletries and other things closer to the wedding. the shout wipes and first aid kits are great ideas. i probably wouldn't of thought of them! Good job doing all of this when your wedding is so close. you should be proud of yourself.

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Originally Posted by QuelMoffett View Post
I LOVE Target too! They have such cute things, and I could live outta that place I swear. I saw the other day they have the bathing suit collection out- SUMMERS ON ITS WAYYYYYYYYYY!

Good job on the shopping spree! We all need them!
I swear, I can't walk out of Target without spending $100! I just bought the cutest pink and green bathing suit (I know, I'm a dork, but they're my wedding colors and I'm obsessed). And I got a cute pink swim cover-up. So much fun stuff there!
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