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Flowers and Color Help!

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Hola Brides! I need color help- I love almost all color combos and am overwhelmed! Here's what we have so far:


Bridesmaid Dresses

Jim Hjelm Occasions


Soft yellow with ivory chiffon overlay

Men will be in light khaki or khaki seersucker with green cymbidium orchid bout.


Ceremony will use a lot of white (want to keep look very clean) so I love the idea of white calla lillies


Reception huh.gif?? This is where I'd love to have more color! I love lush pastels, apricot, blush, etc. The only thing I don't want is "hot or bright" colors (magenta, coral, aqua) My reception theme is "A midsummer night's dream" but Im having trouble focusing my vision! Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!

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I really like Edyta's flowers that she used. They were very soft colors that would look amazing with your bridesmaid dresses... yet they were not just white. They were a very soft pink if I recall. Do a search and try and find her photos. They are gorgeous!

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