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Bridesmaid dress question

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Hello ladies!! Okay so i have a question. My FI and I are paying for our wedding and we understand how expensive it can get. So i feel my guest pain when it comes to having to get a passport, and an expensive ticket. My question is about my girls dresses. There are some I like at David's but to be honest i think $130 for a dress they will probably never wear again is silly. I wanted teh girls just to go out and find any sun dress since i am getting married in July in PV and i want them to be as comfortable as possible. I have been finding it hard to find just solid teal or aqua deress. so do you think putting them in a white sundress which is a lost easier to find and then making or buying aqua sashes to put around them would look funny.. since the "bride" is only suspose to be in white. I am going to have the GM in tan pants with white sort sleve button ups.


Pleas let me know what you think or if you have any sugguestions

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i think that is a great idea and very thoughtful and considerate. i also feel funny about making people buy a dress and pay for an airline ticket, etc.


i may have dresses made for them i still have not decided.


anyway - the white sundress is great - and then you can buy the sashes so they are all the same!

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There is a beautiful picture some where (sorry, I probably deleted it!) but it's with the bridal party in white with blue sashes. I think it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Anny had her girls wear white with red sashes (if I'm not mistaken) and I thought that looked so awesome too.

I really think it'd be fine :)

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