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Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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#241 isy_beau

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    Posted 14 September 2009 - 01:24 PM

    DEH83, yes I'm getting married the day right after you :)
    Your right pictures are very very important for me aswell.
    I'm happy for you that a friend could do it for you for free, lucky you :)

    for the girls getting married soon, come back and tell us about the new gazebo, I'm really curious to hear about that. I think that will be the option that I'm gonna get.

    trinak, sperger and shankd, we are all getting married in tha same time, so if you girls didn't find a photographer and you would be interested in mine, you can always pm me with your questions :)
    I'm telling you, she is really really good.

    #242 CherryBomb

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      Posted 14 September 2009 - 04:25 PM

      So I'm pretty sure now we're going to book with HDC Photo's since quite a few of you recommended them. If there's anyone out there that has used HDC and wouldn't recommend them again, speak now or forever hold your peace =)
      I'd love to see any photos that HDC has taken at our resort with a beach ceremony so if anyone has a site to recommend to look at those, let me know!
      Thanks again everyone!

      #243 sap

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        Posted 14 September 2009 - 07:42 PM

        Originally Posted by MilitaryMrs.s-to be
        I'm confused!!! I really thought I wanted the gazebo, Mike really wants the beach, and sence Carolina send me pics (Lindsay's Ceremony!!) I think I really like the beach too, I'm just really worried about the the half naked people in the background!! lol

        And I heard from someone else on here, that the gazebo can be pretty noisey during the day becuase its up by the pool.....And in Mid April......there are going to be ALOT of people at the pool (and beach for that matter)

        I don't know what to do??
        Hi. I was just there in August and I don't recall the gazebo being near the pool. It is completely surrounded by gardens and palm trees. It was very private, any onlookers are only from afar. I asked my fiance and he agrees.

        BUT for those concerned about where to do the ceremony, I honestly say, DONT SWEAT IT! Wait until you get there, see how the weather is, take a look and go with where you feel happiest. :)

        We are marrying in July and it's hot! So the shaded gazebo (guests are also shaded in the seating areas) and the ceiling fan...all very appealing to us. lol.

        #244 beachbum

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          Posted 14 September 2009 - 07:46 PM

          Originally Posted by DEH83

          I understand things are much more laid back down there, and I don't mind some compromise so that the other bride can have a wonderful day as well, but I also don't want to be left with the "leftovers" - you know what I mean?

          So have any of you guys been able to confirm a restaurant, a ceremony time and/or location?
          DEH, oh do i know! i just made sure that there was a restaurant we could use for our reception - i found out recently that la uva was booked already by another bride! luckily i'll be at el bohio for our reception, which works out great since the vast majority of us are staying at royal suites turquesa, and that's the closest restaurant for us.

          #245 sap

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            Posted 14 September 2009 - 07:55 PM

            Originally Posted by CherryBomb
            Hi DEH83,

            Unfortunately Carolina is unable to confirm our ceremony time as well. I would love to know what time it's going to be at as I want to treat myself and wedding party to manicures and pedicures the morning of. I read that she gave the time of 10am to another bride to be, and I would be very stressed if this were the case for me. I have asked her for a 4pm ceremony but she told me the same as you, that it would be taken into consideration and that is all. I'm hoping the fact that we're having a "symbolic ceromony" and don't need a Judge will help the flexibility of everything, as I think Carolina will be the one performing our ceremony. I swear that she also told me that the centerpiece for the head table was included in the package, but any other centrepieces would cost extra. Nonnie, is the one you mention an upgrade?
            I too am having the symbolic ceremony. Carolina stated several times that bc a judge was not necessary, that the time would be very flexible but could not be set until we arrived and went through details. We want it around 5 and I think the judge does not work after 5. She seemed to imply that we could make it anytime after 5 (we were pushing for a cooler time of the day)
            Hope that helps?

            #246 DawnBuckley

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              Posted 15 September 2009 - 07:59 AM

              Does anyone have pictures of a beach ceremony they can send me. Also pictures of the centerpieces. I emailed Carolina this week because I have not been in contact with her at all. I was told through the travel agent/planner that my wedding is confirmed for April 12 at 6 pm. Now that we have over 30 confirmed, I want to plan the dinner, etc. Not sure what will be available so I have to speak with Carolina. If anyone has any pictures of ANYTHING (even the reception set up) that would be great. Then I can decide if I bring some added decor, although I don't want to be lugging tons of extras there if she has something. Also, anyone near my wedding date is welcome to share whatever I use. CaribbeanLover, we spoke of this already. Thanks everyone for any photos of info. you can share (my email is dawnbuckley@yahoo.ca)

              #247 adobrzanski

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                Posted 15 September 2009 - 08:25 AM

                Does anyone know what color chair sashes/ table runners the grand palladium has? We are doing a private reception at La Uva, can you rent white chair covers and how much?


                #248 CherryBomb

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                  Posted 15 September 2009 - 09:31 AM

                  Hi everyone! I received some trash the dress pictures from Arnaud at HDC Photos, so PM me if you want me to email them to you. Cheers!

                  #249 caribbeanLover

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                    Posted 15 September 2009 - 07:00 PM

                    so I just found the computer made, gazebo they are making. I will post when the finish date is when I find it. I love it, I think i will change my location from the beach to this gazebo!
                    Click the image to open in full size.
                    Click the image to open in full size.
                    http://i1002.photobu..../img-239-1.jpg http://i1002.photobu....0/img-21-1.jpg
                    Tracy and Mike

                    Married and in love all over again!!!!!!
                    Happily ever after...

                    #250 MilitaryMrs.s-to be

                    MilitaryMrs.s-to be
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                      Posted 15 September 2009 - 07:36 PM

                      OMG Tracy!!! I love that!!! I can't wait to see it finished :)

                      ps - 210 days

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