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Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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#2161 kitty25967

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    Posted 15 November 2010 - 02:09 PM

    Hey girls!  I am read some posts regarding having a beach reception versus in one of the restaurants.  This thread has grown so much, it is hard to keep up!  I didn't even think about this until I read it on here.  I think that might be a great idea!  The thought of rain makes me nervous, but I think it would be nice if guests didn't have to transition from a restaurant to the beach for the after party.  Does anyone know if they could set up dinner tables for a beach reception where they would host the private beach party?  I read one review that said La Uva restaurant is right behind where they have the private beach party, so do you girls think it makes sense just to keep the "dinner" part of the reception in the restaurant and the "party" part of the reception on the beach?  I'm so stressed over this LOL  decisions, decisions...plus it is so hard doing this "blindly" when we haven't (and probably won't) done a sight visit.


    P.s.  If anyone from Grand Palladium, Royal Suites Turquesa, Bavaro, Palladium Palace, etc. have had a beach party and/or a beach reception for your wedding, can you please please send me pics! kitty25967@aol.com

    #2162 guke30

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      Posted 15 November 2010 - 05:49 PM

      Hello ladies I am new here, my Wedding is at the GPB on March 30/11 I can't wait I was just wondering if anyone has used the new gazebo?  Looking ofrward to chatting with you all! I am also looking to find oot abgs to order any suggestions?

      #2163 Chicago

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        Posted 16 November 2010 - 09:38 AM

        @ Kitty


        She has actually sent me a picture. Here it is. Hope you can see it if not I can email it.


        As far as beach reception, that's what I am doing. ANY PAST BRIDES please let me know if you have had one

        or witnessed one while there. I have seen a picture of a set up on a beach but nothing more than one pic. Plus I think that picture was outdated.





        Did you have your hair/make up done at RENOVA SPA? If so, did you book online or there? It seems to be cheaper if you book online. Also was it worth it as far as the job done?






        #2164 natalie1987

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          Posted 16 November 2010 - 10:56 AM

          the sashes are really nice!! i think i want to alternate the chairs with pink and blue sashes (we have 50 booked)..


          Does anyone know if they have nice flowers?? I want hot pink, blue, and white tropical flowers all mixed


          I read previous posts saying brides used silk flowers...does anyone recommend that versus the flowers down there?


          165 days to the wedding:)

          #2165 chell44

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            Posted 16 November 2010 - 12:11 PM

            Hey ladies, Carolina has sent me the wording for the legal ceremnoy, if anyone would like it let me know your email address and I will pass it on.

            #2166 isa2214

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              Posted 16 November 2010 - 12:37 PM

              Hi Chell44


              I would really like a copy, I'm doing a symbolic ceremony but the legal one will give me an idea for sure.

              My email is : isabelguindon@hotmail.com



              #2167 kitty25967

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                Posted 16 November 2010 - 12:39 PM

                @ Chicago


                Thanks so much for the picture!  I am able to see it!  I am excited to see the fuschia color.  That is what I am going with.  Our colors are fuschia & black.  Did she happen to mention if she can use them at the ceremony & the reception?  I would like for the reception to coordinate.  I wonder if they would have enough to do so?

                Are you doing a private beach party as well?  I would REALLY like to have the reception within the party area.  We have hired DJ Mannia who will set up a lighted dance floor, and I would like to be able to enjoy it for the entire time and not wait for people necessarily to finish eating!  I think this would make people feel not so rushed....more a leisurely pace???


                I'm with you.... PAST BRIDES PLEASE SEND/POST PICS if you have had a beach reception and/or party!  Thanks!!!

                #2168 kitty25967

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                  Posted 16 November 2010 - 12:47 PM



                  I am torn about the "real" flowers versus the "real touch" flowers myelf.  Some of the samples Carolina sent me in the pictures were nice, however, there wasn't a lot of fuschia color....My FI really wants "real" flowers, so I have considered getting a really nice bouquet of real flowers from the resort (the upgrade) and maybe doing real touch for my bridesmaids and groomsman?  Another option I have considered is purchasing a few "real touch" flowers in the type flower and colors that I really want to add into the real bouquet...would this work?  Also, if you are considering a flower for your hair, considering a "fake" for back up since one post I read said that when the bridesmaids tried to put the flower in the bride's hair, it ripped, but luckily she had packed a clip in flower from Claires for back up.

                  #2169 Chicago

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                    Posted 16 November 2010 - 01:11 PM




                    No problem. I didnt ask her but I would think it would be the same sash color and they'd have enough. I am not having a beach party. I will have a beach dinner reception with a DJ, so everything combined on the sand with a fancy set up.


                    About the real flowers vs. real touch. I actually went with real touch from wedideas.com and am actually expecting it to arrive this week. The choices Carolina sent me were eeeckk for me. I choose orchids as the flowers and the choices they have did not appeal to me. Plus if I go with real orchids there they'll charge me arm and a leg. Real touch looks amazing in pics that wedideas sent me of my bouquet. I could post pics when I receive it.

                    #2170 caribbeanLover

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                      Posted 16 November 2010 - 05:31 PM

                      For the oot bags, depending on how many guest you can bring it yourself, but if you have 25 or more like me, weight can become an issue for your luggage and add up. So I handed mine out a few days before we left (made sure everyone was already packed so they could put it in their bags right away and not forget them) I had 7 ppl from T.O so I figured it was cheaper to fedex them, and it was. I had 3 guest from Ireland and NS so I gave it to other guest who had extra space. You could send it to Carolina before hand, but she is so terrible busy, and their mailing system isn't up to par like ours is, are you willing to chance loosing it, or not arriving on time!

                      Hope  this helps.


                      For the beach party. I had the dinner at La Uva and it was a 1 min walk back to the beach party because it really is next door to each other. Your guest wont even notice the transport! ;)

                      You could have a private beach dinner but this is $60 p/p (adds up with a big guest list)


                      Is anyone getting married the week of Jan 26?! I'm heading back for a mother/daughter vacation and would love to see a wedding from someone on here!! lol.

                      Anyone going to be there that week?!!?

                      http://i1002.photobu..../img-239-1.jpg http://i1002.photobu....0/img-21-1.jpg
                      Tracy and Mike

                      Married and in love all over again!!!!!!
                      Happily ever after...

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