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Nathan and Cynthia

Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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Originally Posted by DawnBuckley View Post
Ottawa Bride,
You will definately have to tell all of us how everything goes, what venue is best and post photos. Where are you in Ottawa? I am just outside of Rockland. You must be getting extremely excited!!
I am sooooo sorry for this late reply! The last few weeks have been insane and I haven't had the chance to be on here AT ALL!!! We're at completely opposite ends of the city smile27.gif ... We live in Barrhaven - but were actually in Rockland just last night! We've been using Julie Thivierge from Anne Travel/Wedding in the Tropics for our wedding. She has been AWESOME!!! We met with her once in January, then drove out last night to finalize a few things - everything else we just did over e-mail. She was acting as our travel agent, but also as our wedding coordinator... she does a ton of weddings at the Palladium so she and Carolina chat all the time. Anything we needed/wanted, I just sent Julie an e-mail and she took care of getting in touch with Carolina for us and let me know when it was done. Julie even translated our documents for us and gave us step-by-step instructions on how to make our marriage legal!

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Originally Posted by adobrzanski View Post
I am having a legal catholic ceremony in the gazebo in November, so it is possible. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved. You need to send it to the priest in the dominican 2 months before your wedding for approval.
really!!! This is NOT the information I got from the priest in Punta Cana. If only I had got real information, maybe I could have done what I wanted all along (to get married by a priest on the ocean) Fustrating!!!
I do know the extra work, don't you need to get your priest from home to sign something as well?!? I was told this too.

Courtney:LOL real shoes?! you've gotta post them!!! I'm sure you'll have no problem finding flip flops, not sure what your looking for, Old Navy still has a wall of them, for $5
Or you can find an avon dealer, they have some really cute ones, still!

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So I'll have two back-to-back posts... I have not been great at visiting as of lately... I totally suck! Anyway, saw that a lot of girls are torn with what to choose so thought I'd list what we've chosen. We are arriving on Sunday November 1st, getting married on the Wednesday. We met with our wedding coordinator here last night who has been calling/emailing Carolina for us and finalized a few things (which by the sounds of it, has been a Godsend!! Our travel agent/wedding coordinator is fluent in French, English and Spanish so she just picks up the phone and talks to Carolina... VERY convenient!).


We will be getting married at the new gazebo by the judge at 3pm (BTW - can't remember if I said this last post, but apparently today is the very first ceremony in the new gazebo! As of last week they just had some landscaping stuff to do but it had to be done by today because there was a couple scheduled to use it!!! YAY!!!). We have booked pastor Rick York as well... so, from what I understand, civil ceremony goes first (performed in Spanish, Carolina translates... have to exchange rings and say 'I do' for it to be legal with the judge). Then, Pastor York will step in and perform a symbolic ceremony - also at the new gazebo (will redo exchange of rings, etc - also added a sand ceremony).


Following ceremonies, there is a toast at the gazebo. Dinner is usually around 6pm - so guests can wander, sit in lobby, whatever until then while we take photos (also booked Photo Souvenir - I know a lot of people weren't hearing back from them, but Severine is now back from France and replied quickly... may be because our wedding is only a few weeks away though).


For the reception, we have asked to have dinner at La Uva. Because there are going to be about 65 of us, we decided not to bother paying the $1000 for the exclusivity of the restaurant... we figure if there are 10 people there we don't know, we don't really care... personally, if I showed up at a restaurant where most of it were occupied by people all part of the same group/wedding, I don't know that I would stayblush2.gif If your group is over 14 people, you will need to choose your menu (needs to be a set menu) - if less than 14, I believe everyone can order off the regular menu. That gets decided when you meet with Carolina and she will provide a copy of the menu for the tables/guests.


After dinner, we have requested a beach party... I believe we move the party outside for 3-4 hours. We've asked for the live band and will be paying $9us/person for the unlimited private bar. Apparently, they do set up lighting (real lighting as well as torches)... so we dance on the sand, under the stars until we're ready for bed.


If the weather doesn't cooperate, there's a separate covered building between the palace and the bavaro - still close to the beach where they move you.


Flowers - I'm not really crazy about the pictures I've seen but will have to deal with it when i get down there.


Cake - apparently it's a three-tiered cake and you can speak to them about how you'd like it decorated (bring ribbon with you, provide your own cake topper, whether you want flowers or not, smooth icing or icing with details, etc)


Hair and makeup - it is possible to book your appointment with the spa ahead of time. It was advised that I try to pop in the day before to make myself known to them and bring along any inspiration photos.


Wedding package - there are two packages... we went with the less expensive one... didn't really see the point of the other one.


Anyway, that's all I've got for now... will post pictures as soon as we get back! The countdown is certainly ON!!!!!

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Originally Posted by rgonzalez_83 View Post
Can anyone tell me how to post pics? I would like to post my shoes too!
I found the easiest way.. go to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
sign up for a free account. upload your pictures there. Once your done uploading, bring your mouse over the pic, a window will pop up for sharing, copy the 'IMG' code, and past in your msg. You can even 'preview post' to make sure it works before actually submitting.
If you still don't get it, let me know I can maybe explain it better.
Can't wait to see pics of your shoes!!

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Ottawa Bride

thank you so much for all the details, my travel agent/wedding planner is also Julie, she is so awesome, she's always there to answers my millions questions :)

less then a month to go, Good luck, give us news when you come back!!!!

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Ottawa Bride,

I am using Julie at Anne Travel as well. She is wonderful. I think I will just email her my thoughts and have her talk to Carolina directly. She did tell us she will translate our documents too. Someone mentioned to me that you need to get a marriage license here to bring with you. Is that only if being married in a church? I am getting married on the beach (or who knows now, with all the talk about the great new gazebo!)


My sisters is in Barrhaven and I was THERE last week! Small world. She is off of Rideaucrest. Anyhow... everything done for the big day? You age getting married in just a few weeks!!! How exciting!!!


Dawn :)

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