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Nathan and Cynthia

Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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Was wondering the same thing......


Originally Posted by natalie1987 View Post

I was wondering how did past brides pay for the wedding? I don;t like the thought of bringing like $4000 cash...I was wondering if the Master Card exchange rate would be the same as if you paid for something in the US or do they up the exchange rate at the Resort?


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Kitty is correct. They will make one or two exceptions if people have allergies/dietary restrictions but that's it. Otherwise, everyone eats the same thing. There is no buffet option for the wedding dinner...some resorts offer this but the GP does not. I don't really care that everyone has to eat the same thing...I've been to weddings here several times where everyone gets the same thing and no one complained.

Originally Posted by kitty25967 View Post

Ha good luck with this one.  Carolina STILL hasn't sent me a menu, I just have the choices from past brides on here.  Depending on how many guests you have (I think you have a large group) I am pretty sure that a buffet is not and option.  You must have a pre-set menu which you can't decide on until you get there.  She will show you the options when you get there and tell you what restaurant which sucks if you are wanting to have formal menu cards printed to match your theme which is the dilema i am currently faced with.  Here is the bad thing...EVERYONE must eat the same thing.  I have told Carolina that I am willing to pay more for additional options but this is not available.  Everyone has to either eat meat or fish, you don't get both which I think is odd since it is an all inclusive place and you are spending the extra money.  I think they should allow for your guests to have 2 entree options, but they don't!



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I don't like the thought of bringing wads of cash down there either. However, you must pay for all your flowers in cash (which shouldn't be too much unless you have a huge wedding party and wants lots of upgraded bouquets). Also, some photographers only take cash, as well (Michael Weiler is ours and he is cash only). Thr rest you can pay by Visa/MasterCard. It is the credit card companies that set the credit card rates NOT the resort (the resort sets it to exchange cash from one currency to another, however). So if you have a 20% interest credit card at home it is the same in the DR.


HOWEVER, some credit card companies change a "conversion fee" on top of the interest that is charged to convert the amount charged from one currency to another. Now for you US brides that may not be a problem since I think we pay for the wedding in US funds. For my fellow Canadians and anyone else, you may get an additional fee...this is not just done in the DR...when I went to Europe I got blasted with it, as well.


Originally Posted by kitty25967 View Post

Was wondering the same thing......




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I have AGAIN requested the menu options from Carolina.  I have the ones that have been posted on here but I want her to confirm in case things have changed without anyone knowing again.  Plus I have requested "full" descriptions because I can't just list "beef medallions" as an entree on a formal printed menu.  It has to be served with sides or sauce or something....  If anyone has a menu options document from her can you please share?


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1 appetizer, 1 main course and 1 dessert - for everyone the same






·         MINESTRONE (soup with fresh vegetables and pasta)

·         PASTA (served with shrimps, tomatoes, spinach and curry)

·         LOBSTER BISQUE (with shrimps, Macedonia and a touch of sherry)

·         CAESAR SALAD


·         MOSTACHOLLI (with 4 cheeses)

·         CANELONES (with spinach and mozzarella)


Main dishes


·         GRILLED T-BONE (served with lyonnaise potatoes)


·         BEEF MEDALLIONS WITH THREE PEPPERS (served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables)


·         GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST STUFFED (with shrimps in Florentine sauce and vegetables)


·         CHICKEN TETRASSINI STYLE (sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms, onions Italian peppers and cream. Served with linguini


·         BEEF MILANESE PARMESAN (served with tomato sauce and covered with ham and cheese


·         Pork tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms


·         SALMON FILET (with a provincial sauce, baked potatoes, carrots and fresh green beans


·         GRILLED BASS FILET (served over parsley and garlic oil with vegetables)




·         TIRAMISU










That Is the full Menu :) Hope it helps !!!

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Hey girls! I know I've seen this before but just thought I'd check if anyone remembers the exact cost. I know that guests can rent a wheelchair for the week if the need it but I can't remember the price. I'm thinking it was $40-60 per day. Anyone know for sure?? My FI's grandmother would benefit from one when we're down there. Thanks!!

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i would like to get married in june in this resort 

i haven't booked anthing yet

can any body help? i have emailed the hotel but haven't had any answer

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