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Nathan and Cynthia

Married or going to be married at Grand Palladium Punta Cana?

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I know, I think one of the most stressful part of this was trying to get in contact with Carolina to get answers, especially these last few months.

very annoying, but understandable... can't imagine just how much she actually does down there.

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Thanks for the offer regarding the seamstress!! I actually just dropped it off on Friday to one that I heard was fantastic in Kingston (where I live). Thank you very much for the offer though!! :)

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Hey Girls,


If you go to the wesbite for Palladium Weddings, you will find all the legal requirements listed there.


Legal Requirements - Palladium Weddings


You DO NOT need to have your birth certificate legalized - only translated:


Civil Wedding


Requirements for a legal wedding in Punta Cana


Please follow these instructions very carefully to avoid any delay on the process of your documents.


•Valid Passport*

•Original Birth Certificate*

•Single Status Affidavit and Divorce Act**. (original and notarized by a Notary Public or a Commissioner of oaths when send it by mail) find a sample of the Single Status affidavit below.

•A minimum of two witnesses and a maximum of 8 (2 of them must not be blood relative) aged 18 years or over. The remaining 6 witnesses could be members of your family as stipulated on the provision No. 659 of the current legal law in the Dominican Republic. Foreignness witnesses need to hold a valid passport. If you do no provide the witnesses the hotel will provide them for free.

•You should be at the hotel 48 hours before the date of the wedding if no possible, please contact your wedding planner to help you in this matter. This rule has been place by the hotels in order to have your wedding well organized. It is no mandatory by the law.

•Translation into Spanish of the Single Status Affidavit, Birth Certificate, Divorce Act and Death Certificate if widowed ( It may be done at the Dominican Republic General Consulate for a fee)

•Legalization of the Single Status Affidavit and Divorce Act by the Dominican Republic General Consulate.

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I though that's what I read, but was sweating when I read the above notes......I still haven't heard from Carolina, but the last e-mail I received from her she told me that the birth certificated needed to be translated......I hope she gets back to me soon, so in case I do need it legalized i have time to do so!!!!.....

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Originally Posted by isy_beau View Post
Hi, I'm the other bride that requested the beach party, so now I'm really confused, cause mine is confirmed since july. I just sent a e-mail to my wedding planner that is here, that works with Carolina sad.gif to understand what is going on!!!! could there be two beach party at the same timehuh.gif you are getting married on the 19thhuh.gif
sorry for stressing you sad.gif but I'm also stressed now!
Hi, I dont think we should worry.. if I remember right Noonie, another bride on this forum had mentioned there was another beach party at the same time they did her's... I know they can only do three weddings a day... My wedding time is at 3pm

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same here, ceremony at 2... dinner at 6, beach party at 8 is what I'd like. I have mostly older guest, not sure they'll be able to stay up until 12, or at least don't want to force ppl to stay up that late.


Like Courtney said, don't worry about it Daneille, Just print everything and you should be fine, does look like the rest of us wasted $$ in getting the b-certificate legalized!!! sad.gif

I'll also be bring everything she wrote to me in e-mail..especially since we didn't have to put a deposit

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I just wanted to pop in because we are getting soo close!! most of you have a little over a month!! I am addicted to BDW right now because teachers' college is on March Break right now -- so I'm doing lots of planning/research!


How is everyone doing? What do you still need to get done?

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I actually came on to get a break from planning, got a freaking migraine.. can't wait until it's over.

Glad to hear you have a little break from school!!

my list...

Things still need to be done

- download prelude music

-BM flip flops (matching)

-GM Gift (wedding attir)

- find Cat sitter

-use teeth whitener March 26th

-find/order romper or something for wedding day wear for hair & make up

-print scavenger hunt list for pictures

-burn cd’s for ceremony

-wedding games for cocktail hour

-Print e-mails from Carolina.

-Print guest list with arrival time

-Make list for Dj for MUST HAVE songs

-write thank you letters for parents, and FI

-go through summer clothes, see what needs to be bought.

-Print and bring hair style pic

( If TO ppl come things need to be done: Buy mugs, make centerpiece ,buy and make hang over kits label fans for girls, label shot glass for men......) (I'm still waiting to see if ppl are coming, ugh!!)

Print hair style

Pick dinner menu


I know it looks small... but I also made a goal to do my spring cleaning before I go. (OOOPS), also pack for the actual vacation.

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