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I ran a test to see who printed the best photo, supplied the best service, and had the easiest integration when doing a large batch of photos (100+). Given the high volume of photos, I did not auto-correct. I left them as is.


WINNER: Snapfish! and they are the cheapest at $.12 per.


The skin tone color was much better as was the overall tone of the photographs themselves (especially with blues). I showed three people the same pictures side by side and there was no contest.


Here are a few other things to note:

-When printing digital pictures, there is some kind of issue with 4x6s not being sized correctly. You have to go in and resize each individual picture. However, on Snapfish, there is a one-click prompt to automatically resize for 4x6s. VERY handy - 4 of my photos from Yahoo! and Rite Aid came back with the person's head chopped off.


-I was able to easily move my photos from PhanFare (email me if you are interested in learning more - I can give you a referral and if you end up signing up you and I both get one month free) to Snapfish - they have a partnership.


-Yahoo said that the photos wouldn't arrive until Dec. 22nd but then I got them on the 15th. Their original three week turn around seemed very excessive.


-Rite Aid SUCKS! I have ordered photos from them (online and then go in to pick up) 4 times and 3 times I have had a major issue. Turns out that although they say 1 hour photo, they aren't. Not even close (try two days later after Thanksgiving). Also, the photo color quality is not good in comparison and the uploader on their website can only accept 100 at a time so you have to do a few orders which confuses them and you wind up with two sets of 100 and no sets of the other 100 that you ordered (well, that was my experience anyway).


Hope this helps!

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Originally Posted by JANET1111 View Post
That helps so much! Thanks for being our own personal consumer reports!

I've been really happy with Snapfish in the past too.
I was thinking the same thing.

Natasha, you have such great reviews! You should publish a consumer reports - the cabo wedding version.

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Awesome to know Natasha. I usually go to rite aid or Walgreens for our reprints and never really had an issue to "compare" but now that I know they don't print the best quality I'll remember snapfish when it's time to reprint wedding pics. How long does it take to receive your pics from them?

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