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Back from Wedding at ROR!!


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Hi Everyone,


I wanted to let you know I just returned from my wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica. I loved everything single thing about the RIU and everyone there that made my wedding amazing. Let me know if you have any questions or possibly need a picture, and I will try my best to help!




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CONGRATULATIONS & Welcome Back! Cherie!!!smile159.gif

I'm glad to hear that you loved everything & that it was amazing!

You'll have to post your complete review & ofcourse pictures. I'd like to hear how everything went from your point of view-from the ceremony, to your reception, to your overall stay...again, everything that you are willing to share.smile123.gif

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Congratulations!! Would love to hear all about it and see as many pics as possible! I have a couple questions

1. How was Chandlyn? Was she very responsive to your needs and questions?

2. What wedding package did you go with and did you end up getting a lot of extras?

3. Did you use the resort photographer? If not did he cause any issues?

4. Did you get a free room upgrade?


Thanks in advance! I'm really glad to read you had a good time! Just makes me more excited for april!

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Yikes...that was quick!!!!


I'll be more than happy to write everything. We are still in the process of downloading our pics...but PM me if you want something specific and I'll try to figure out how to send them. It's hard to know where to start! I think I'll break it down into categories...


Riu Resort:

Absolutely beautiful! The entire resort from the lobby area, to the restaurants, to the rooms were completely immaculate.



She is definitely a busy lady. Our day alone had FOUR weddings planned. That woman is ran off her feet; but she always made time to meet with us. She was very nice, helpful, and wants your wedding day to be beautiful. Be patient with her!



We bought the Royal Package, and I hoped and prayed we would get the upgrade to the suite. We were already booked for the Junior Suites, but I wanted the room I saw in the pictures! Well...we got it! I have never stayed in such a palatial room EVER! My husband has traveled the world twice, and he agreed with me. Everything was marble, glass, dark wood, etc. I took pictures of every aspect of the room; while my husband thought I was crazy...but I never wanted to forget it! (I'm a wee bit sentimental) Our room was 1364 with an huge veranda that overlooked the beach, ocean, and where the weddings took place. Amazing!



I looked through the entire flower arrangements email sent out and couldn't find one I completely loved. Therefore, I took magazine pictures down of bridal bouquets in colors I wanted. Chandlyn took the pics to the florist, and at an additional cost, I had the most beautiful bouquet. There were burgundy calla lillies, blue orchids, burgundy roses, greenery, and it was wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon of turquoise and pinned with pearls. It was beyond my expectations.



I actually didn't care too much about the cake. At most weddings I've attended, nobody really pays attention to the cake. Therefore, I went with the "free" cake offered. My husband had one stipulation...it must be chocolate. Therefore, we ended up with a vanilla/chocolate cake with white icing and beautiful purple orchids on each of the three levels. Again, beautiful beyond my expectations.


Beach Wedding:

We were married on the beach at 4:30 pm under the hoopa. It was wrapped in soft, gauzy white cloth which was then lightly wrapped in real vines. A beautiful greenery arrangement with some of the same flowers from my bouquet were set on the top of the hoopa. It was larger in the middle and extended out and tapered to the sides, which then wound down the edges. It's hard to describe, but I'll eventually try to post a pic. Sheldon, the minister was wonderful and had a great sense of humour. The vows were very easy to follow and quick! It was over before we knew it!



The reception was at the Plantation as we had about 60 people attending. We had the upstairs level completely to ourselves. It is shaped in an "L". Chandlyn, my mother in law, and mother put the bridal table in the middle of the "L" and tables of the guests extended out either side. There was a space in front of the bridal table for speeches, dancing, etc. It was perfect.



We rented the DJ for four hours. We had so much fun at the end of four hours, we rented them for another one! They played perfect dining music, and after dinner, played a great mix for all of the age ranges present. You could take your own music...but they did such a phenomenal job, we never once used our own!



I have to admit, I barely ate at the reception! I was enjoying everything else so much, I forgot to eat!

The food at the RIU is what you would expect from all inclusives. It was pretty good, but started to taste the same by the end of the week. I really enjoyed the fruit shakes every morning at St. Ann's.



Ok, I went in expecting terrible things from Michael the photographer. I had read about his bad attitude, how he treated some other brides, etc.

I LOVED HIM! He was so very nice, professional, and VERY good at what he does. I believe you are treated only as nice as you treat someone else. I can understand his problem when others are coming into his shop expecting him to do their wedding and he takes 300+ pictures. Then in the end they walk out with only ten pictures. He explained that he looks at his photos as his art, and people are always expecting him to sell them at next to nothing.


Anyways! He had so much fun at our wedding...he ended up taking 1200 pictures. That's wonderful and all; but when your wedding is Thursday, and you leave on Saturday for another resort...it was tough! We had to go through all of the pics and narrow them down to the package we picked. My husband finally kicked me out of the photoshop because I couldn't let any of the pics go...I loved them all!



The staff at the RIU were absolutely wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help. The entertainment was better than anything I have seen at any other resort. Try and catch the dance troupe in action; it was intense and beautiful with story and plot. I was mesmerized!

If you have enough people, try to rent the catamaran that travels to Dunne's River Falls and back. It was so much fun! We had the entire boat to ourselves. I think you need at least 35 people to rent the smaller catamaran. One other excursion is the Canopy Tour; or ziplining. It was pure fear and adrenaline...wonderful!


That's all I have for now...let me know if you have more questions!


smile29.gif Cherie

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