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I love it I might give it a trial run just to treat myself!

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How to Make and Package a Body Scrub

Making a scrub is extremely easy and cheap yet stores manage to charge high prices and people actually pay them. Why? Because you are paying for the packaging and design of the product. Follow these instructions to make a professional looking high quality scrub that looks like it cost a fortune.

[edit] Ingredients
1/4 cup light olive oil
1/4 cup fine sea salt salt
1/4 cup liquid soap
2 drops of lavender or rose essential oil
2 drops of geranium essential oil
Small bottle
Pink or purple food coloring
Dried pink flowers or lavender (optional)
String (optional)
Cellophane (optional)
Light brown crepe paper (optional)

[edit] Steps
Sterilize the bottle (you can do this by putting it in the microwave).
Add a few drops of pink or purple food coloring to the salt and mix well until you reach a pastel color. Add a small amount each time as you never know how dark it will be until it is totally mixed.
Add and mix all ingredients.
Pour the mixture (the scrub) into the bottle.

Download and print the labels on heavy paper. They can be downloaded for free at Body Scrub
Paste the label on the top of the page onto the front of the jar. Use a paintbrush and glue for perfect results.
Cut out a square of crepe paper approximately double the size of the lid.
Cut out a piece of clear cellophane exactly the same size as the crepe paper.
Place the crepe paper on the lid.
Place a few pieces of dried lavender (if you used purple food color) or dried pink roses (if you used pink food color) in the center of the lid.
Place the cellophane over the crepe paper.
Place an elastic band around the top of the lid to keep it in place.
Tie the string around the bottle and through the label which you cut out from the bottom of the page that you downloaded.
Remove the elastic band once the string is securely tied (optional).

[edit] Tips
You can use any kind of oil and any essential oil or variation of different essential oils.

[edit] Warnings
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not use on open wounds.


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