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Need a little inspiration Ladies (brain dead at the moment!). I'd like to send my BM & MOH (who is my 28 year old daughter) cards asking them to be my BM / MOH. Does anyone have any ideas or know any websites that will shove me in the right direction.



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Originally Posted by LisaG View Post
There's some cute poems from Christine in this thread.


For the record...this is my first time to paste a thread wink.gif
No way, Lisa! Good job, it worked great :) !
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i just sent mine out last week...and i actually ordered mine from Bigdates.com...they were really cool to work with...you can pick the card out that you want and you can write on the inside what you would like it to say...and you can put in their addressa dn it will be sent straight to th em....they just recievedthem and the absolutly loved them....o and this is sort of what i wrote...and i tried to personaize it to each bm and maid of honor....top ten reasons to be my bridesmaid...o and these ideas were borrowed and i can't seem to remember from who...so thank you...lol...


so like some of the reasons were...


- you get to spend the week indominican

- you look great in blue or whatever dress color you are having

- your FI asked for some hot girls...lol

- i know you will plan a wicked bachellorett party

- my favors wont make themeselves

- someone has to help me go to the washroom

- etc


and then find some quotes off the internet to write if you wish too,...or somehting from the heart alyways works...lol...good luck

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