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Cost of Vendors

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Hi everyone,


First, I just want to send a GIANT thank you from Los Angeles for all your help...I have not posted much b/c I've been totally consumed by reading all your fantastic advice. I don't know what I would have done without this site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


As I have mentioned in my intro, I am doing a traditional East Indian wedding in Cabo. I am in the process of finalizing vendors and I would love some advice on rates.


As many of us are, I'm trying to work on a budget. That is why I'm reaching out to you all now.


If you don't mind and feel comfortable, could you please email me off list or through this thread, what should I expect to pay for the follow services for the wedding day? And perhaps include how this worked out hourly, as time equals money and most vendors are giving out rates based out how long they will be there.


If you don't know the hourly rate, maybe a rought estimate of how long the vendor was there, ie--just the evening, or afternoon and evening, or 8 hours....


The vendor rates I'd like to compare with those of other brides are:







If you'd like to share any or all of these, please email off list at chicagopuja@gmail.com or reply to the thread.


I really appreciate it and thank you for your time. Again, I'm trying to work on a budget, so if the sky was the limit for you, your reply would be appreciated but not helpful.


If you were trying to stretch your dollar and get the best services at affordable rates, then I would love to hear from you.


Thank you!



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i just sent you an email with a bunch of info, hope it helps!

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