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Official Picture Request Thread

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Originally Posted by jmhein View Post
Sorry I dont seem to have ANY of the Sports Bar! But we were there until 2 AM the night of the wedding, LOL! Eating sandwiches!!
Haha well I'm sure you were having too much fun to take those pics!! Thanks for the bar pics though. They are fantastic!!

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Originally Posted by bobbi-francis View Post
Hey Ladies!!
Does anyone have pics of the following? If so, please post here. I noticed a lot of ladies ask the same questions about pictures (ecspecially plantation reception brides), but they all tend to be scattered amongst numerous threads.

1. plantation reception photos (both levels if possible)
2. plantation table setup w/ centerpieces and all...
3. ceremony location w/ decoration

Feel free to add anything missing...hopefully this will be a great picture board.thewave.gif
I have a pick of the free gazebo set up if I can figure out how to post it here..*lol*.
Chandlyn emailed it to me.

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