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Walmart in Cabo

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Thought you should all know there is now a Walmart and Sam's club in Cabo!


I went in and it is definitely a Mexican version of what we have at home.


They did have some really gorgeous vases. They ranged from a coupple of dollars to $20 dls. The $20 dls were for some really huge cillindrical clear glass vases. They had some pretty colors and shapes too. Thius walmart is also a Supercenter store so it is a great place for food shopping. Their produce was good.


Just another place for shopping. It is located just before you get to Cabo walmart and Sam's club on the right. If you are coming from Cabo you have to take the new overpass to get to it. No signs so confusing. Stay to the right and right after the overpass you will see the right hand turn to get up and on the overpass.

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