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How to make a good Turkey Burger??

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I eat turkey burger a lot, and I enjoy it best when I try not to make it taste like beef. I tend to enjoy them better when seasoning and dressing them as I would poultry. I have found a couple of food network recipes that I make regularly that are great.


Rachael Ray's Harvest Turkey Burgers Recipe | Recipezaar

(These are great without a bun dipped in lowfat ranch if you are trying to watch your carbs)


Recipes : Stuffed Zucchini and Red Bell Peppers : Food Network

(I usually do not do the zucchini because my FI doesn't like them, and usually do a mix of yellow, orange, and red peppers. I also use the Classico Sundried Tomato sauce instead of a marinara.)

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I'm so late on this, but I would also suggest buying the bulk ground turkey so you can incorporate the seasoning better and make them any size you want.


I would use worcestershire, grated onion & garlic, salt and pepper or hot sauce. You could even mix in some crumbled blue cheese or any grated cheese. yum!


Or soy sauce, grated onion and garlic, a little honey, and grill some pineapple slices to put on top. I would use gruyere or swiss cheese but anything goes!


You want them moist since there is little fat so make sure to use some sort of liquid like the worcestershire, soy sauce, or even chicken/veggie broth. Just a little makes a difference. Grating the onion also adds moisture.


Now I want turkey burgers...lol

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