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Where to find CHEAP Personalized or Cute Ribbon

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Hi Ladies, I am sending out a package to my guest just before the wedding. Its a travel survival kit. (It will be about 18 hours of travel!) I got cute bags for each couple and stuffed the following in them:

1 pkg wet wipes

2 pr. socks

2 toothpaste coated disposable toothbrushes

2 sleeping mask

1 barf bag

1 mini size Dramamine (looking for that)

1 mini size advil (hoping i can find that here)

1 small puzzle book (havent found yet)

I have these cute tags that I want to stick our monogram on and write something like "Here's your travel survival kit. Have a safe trip. See you in Fiji! - Love, Charonda & Von" (something like that)


I want to find some cute ribbon.. must be real cheap and not in bulk. Any suggestionshuh.gif

Colors: Aqua Melon Hot Pink

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