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Travel Agency? Help

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Hi ladies I am having a bit of a dilemma… I have a timeshare that allows me to get 4 rooms in the Bavaro Princess and all I have to pay is the all inclusive fee per person per day… the thing is that well since I was having a destination wedding no one was interested in attending except for the family members… and now I am having people come out of the woodworks saying that they want to attend…


The thing is that the resort only gives me 4 rooms and I begged and pleaded for 10 rooms and by the grace of God they are not reserving 10 rooms for me…but thatâ€s only enough for me and my family and now I need more rooms and well I cant get any more rooms… and this brakes my heart…


Soon I am going to be mailing out a letter to all of my guest to let them know about wedding updates and all… I will like to get a travel agency to take care of all of the guest who I cant get a room for ... would any of you recommend anyone


I donâ€t know what to do… I wanted a really small intimate wedding and now everybody wants to attend… I know I should be excited but im freaking out…


Thank you for your help

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Check with AAA Vacations in your area.


Or check around with numerous TA's to see who specializes in the DR.


Or just have your guests book on their own.

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