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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By StephBarnes, · 1,437 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: View, Location
Cons: They cant give you a custom wedding! Only cookie cutter weddings like what they've done before

We had our wedding here on February 2020. We wanted an upscale formal wedding for 80 guests (which was too many guests for them to handle) Even an employee told us that the coordinator (Andreea T) & her team were having a hard time with our "custom" wedding and were running around like crazy people!! They sold us with "We can give you anything you want as long as you are willing to pay for it" Well we definitely payed for extras but they did not give us what we asked/payed for. They ruined the ceremony and dinner table seating arrangement, important immediate family were sitting in back rows for the ceremony, for reception they flipped the seating and parents were far away from us with the worst view, they ruined most of our flower decor that we payed top dollar and extra for. The ceremony arch flowers were falling off leaving the pole bare for everyone to see, we ordered and payed for **BIG 16** custom flower balls to hang over the guests and the day of the wedding the coordinator decided to change it/scammed us and only hung **10 SMALL** flower balls without our approval, we ordered arrangements that had floating orchids inside the vase and we got a bunch of squished flowers in a thin vase, they include a flower arrangement for the ceremony table which we requested "no table" and move the arrangement to the "welcome table" well they decided to not give us the flower arrangement and the welcome table was bare because of it, I had a specific list for music sent ahead of time for the DJ and he ended up playing whatever he wanted, the cake arrived super late that we only got 3 rushed pictures with our cake because it was getting to close into the transition time to our first dance, we (bride&groom) were not served cake, they were also supposed to put our cake on a pedestal and they put it on an ugly plate(pictured below), they ruined my bouquet it looked nothing like what I asked for and ended up with a HUGE bouquet for my petite figure! It was actually bigger than whats shown in the image I had to send it back 2 times and I had to give up because it was time for the ceremony. Horrible staff service!! we had to chase them for drinks when we clearly requested for the waiters to be around the dance floor ready to take drink orders and they gave my mother a lot of attitude, they gave me wrong ugly wooden lounge couches when I asked for the white and black square couches (pictured below). In the end A LOT WENT WRONG, I'm just trying to keep this review at a minimum. We decided to put in a complaint which was another horrific experience trying to find someone to help us but we finally spoke to Gareth Price. We discussed about getting some money returned within reason. Told us to send him a proposal, we sent it over and NEVER heard from him again. I have emailed and called.. NO response. If anyone from Caletas sees this I would appreciate a response from you.

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 12.38.48 PM copy.png

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 12.38.35 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 5.59.21 PM.png









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