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Best Day Ever!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Cons: The night just flew by

My husband and I were married at Las Caletas with Adventure Weddings on 12-21-2018. It was the best decision we ever made by going with this venue and this company for our big day. Our friends and family are still buzzing about our wedding weeks later.

Our planner, Andreea, was beyond amazing at helping us through the whole planning process. She always kept me on track (I'm a little scatter-brained and work weird hours), which made the whole day come together so perfectly. She walks you through the entire process, and is seriously always reachable by e-mail. I would e-mail her at like 12am some nights and I would get a response the same day, it was awesome!

We visited Las Caletas the day before the wedding day (we only saw really cool pictures online) and let me tell you, the entire staff associated with Vallarta Adventures is beyond amazing. Everyone we worked with at Vallarta Adventures and Adventure Weddings was so helpful, approachable, and just plain nice.

Now the actual venue is beyond gorgeous.  When you pull up by boat to Las Caletas at night, it is something out of a dream. All of the paths are lit with hundreds of candles, the waves are gently coming up on the beach, and the sand is incredibly soft on your feet. It's hard to imagine wanting to get married anywhere else. It's a little piece of heaven in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

On the day of the wedding, I went with 4 family members to Las Caletas around 9am by boat. We trekked to a really beautiful bridal suite (comes equipped with a steamer for dresses) that over-looked the ocean and the forested area, it was beyond beautiful. We ate delicious food and hung out around the beach and just relaxed until it was time to get ready. The entire time from when the "early girls" got there, pretty much up to when the ceremony started, we had our own helper, Salvador, taking care of us and serving us breakfast, lunch, drinks, and making sure we were happy. I honestly felt like a princess, it was really awesome. We all had our hair and make-up done and the girls who helped us with that were super professional and always asking our opinion on how we wanted to look. I'm kind of a tomboy so it was fun to be pampered and look pretty for my big day. 

Around 5pm, my now husband, the rest of our family, and friends came by boat (around an hour long boat ride). From what it sounded like the boat ride was a good time. They were serving drinks and music was pumping, it sounded awesome. The photographer, Christian, was on the boat taking pictures of the pre-party as well. We only have a snippet of our photos so far, but they look beautiful! As soon as the boat docked I think the ceremony started. Nadia, our minister, was so helpful with me (I don't like being the center of attention) during the vows. She made the ceremony perfect with all of her beautiful words and mannerisms.

Dinner was perfect as well! The chefs at Las Caletas know what they are doing. There were so many food options and all of it was amazing, I could've just kept eating. They do offer vegan and vegetarian options as well. Since we were taking pictures when appetizers were being served, they saved my husband and I a little tray of the appetizers for when we sat down at dinner. That small touch itself was really sweet. The servers were beyond amazing. They knew what you needed even before you did, really really awesome staff. Then the party started and DJ Rafa did an amazing job with the music we requested. If I wasn't talking to family and friends I was dancing, it was so much fun! There were always people on the dance floor, which was on the beach! Even when the song "SHOTS!" came on, there was a server with a tray full of shots- it was great! I feel like music makes a huge impact on these special events and DJ Rafa did an excellent job. We also had the fire dancers and drummers. Their show was so freaking cool and they are incredibly talented performers! Our guests were so excited when they saw them coming out and it was the cherry on top of our perfect night!

Everyone we worked with at Las Caletas with Adventure Weddings was beyond awesome, I would recommend this venue and company to EVERYONE! The night flew by, but I can honestly say it was the best night of our lives!



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