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The Best EVER!!!!
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Sarani Weddings Photography and Videography

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By VBJohnson, · 246 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Effective Communication, Perfect Execution, Flexibility, Wicked Sense of Humor, Exceptional Eye to Uniquely Photograph, and the list goes on...
Cons: Absolutely nothing!

While searching and inquiring for potential photographers and videographers, I stumbled upon Sarani’s website. I was struck in awe of her beautiful photographs! Without even meeting her, we could easily tell how passionate she was about photography and how much she LOVED to photograph. Her personality came off so magnetic and capturing, she understood exactly what we were looking for, asked whether we’d personally like to see something different, and actually made the magic happen. Perfect execution is my favorite part!!! Our minds were determined to have her play a significant role in our wedding events to capture the most beautiful of moments. From the time we made our first contact via email to the many skype dates to ensure we all were on the same page till we had our photographs in hand and were able to view and approve, Sarani held our hands the entire time. Our wedding was an Indian wedding held over 3 days with 5 different events at the beautiful Barcelo Maya Grand Resort with a bonus underwater photoshoot. Sarani and her team arrived early and left late at EVERY event. We never felt rushed in any way! 


For the first event, Mehndi (henna night), I wore a designer dress I won as part of a contest from India. Sarani communicated with the designers as to how they would like me and the dress photographed to send to them for marketing purposes. For the Pithi & Grah Shanti (a pre-wedding religious ceremony), Sarani’s right hand, Lunic, made a point to give some time to the paparazzi photographing us with cell phones and personal cameras and thereafter, respectfully moving them out of the way, so that she could get in pictures of us without any visual noise. For Garba (folk dance) night, Sarani’s exceptional eye to uniquely photograph came through with the use of mirrors and bangles. If they caught me making gestures that did not help me look attractive in the photographs, they came and told me how they would like for me to change it. I have always respected honesty! For the morning of the wedding, Sarani’s team arranged for a first look exchange between Brian and I. Our rooms were not that far apart, therefore Sarani and Lunic coordinated the entire time and with appropriate persons on the team (videographers, assistants, etc.) to ensure we did not see each other until the very moment. And for the outdoor reception, we were surprised with heavy rain for a good 10 minutes. As soon as Sarani saw the clouds, she and her team ran to where the reception was and started clicking pictures before the rain drenched everything in its path. Sarani and her team captured it all before the rain and the photographs came out beyond stunning! Not to mention, she coordinated the reception sparklers because that was one thing I really wanted! The underwater photoshoot is beyond highly recommended! We had so much fun and the photographs were exceptional especially in the rainforest as we used a colorbomb! I only list the “little things” as part of each event because it goes to show us they did what they didn’t have or need to do. 


Lastly, my family who has been to a countless number of Indian weddings all were amazed at Sarani and her team. They said they had never seen a group of photographers and videographers as efficient and organized as part of one team at a wedding prior to this. This makes a home run for us! As my husband, Brian and I celebrate our first year anniversary next week, there is truly one person and team to thank for helping us relive each and every moment – the so beautifully talented Sarani with her wicked sense of humor and her lovely team of photographers and videographers! They are the best photographers & videographers in Mexico! If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t think twice about selecting Sarani again and again...


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