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Cancun Wedding Video Professional Wedding Videography

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By mhepburn20, · 345 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful Video (pro #1!), on time, accomodating, communicative
Cons: None

Cancun Wedding Video and Mike Cantarell specifically were recommended to us by our photographers as they were the folks that they used when people ordered packages. We weren't doing a package because we didn't feel we needed the videographer for the same amount of time as our photographer. Mike worked with us through our photographers on the time allotment and went over very clearly the cost and what we would get at the end. On the recommendation of our photographers we hired them and could not have been happier with that choice.


During the wedding it became clear that we had underestimated how long various parts of our wedding would take (It didn't help that the shuttle with the Bride in it ended up being about 20 minutes later than the others to the venue). We conversed with the Cancun Wedding Video team and they graciously allowed us to add an extra hour onto our package at a nominal cost. This meant we could get our first dance and part of the post dinner reception.


After the wedding we knew it would take a couple months to edit the video. We checked in once just because we were impatient people hoping maybe it would somehow take a little less time. It did not and Mike was great at telling us when to expect the video. I am thrilled to say he delivered on the exact date he told us we would have it and when we first watched it we were blown away by how amazing it was. They didn't just present a straightforward edited video that told the story of our day chronologically. They edited it so that the ceremony was part of the video in chunks, segmenting other great highlights from the day. They used songs from our service, cocktail hour, and reception to score the video (note they never asked us about this - it was just an amazing touch that really made our video feel even more special to us and that they paid attention to that level of detail).


When we first hired them we only ordered the lengthier version of the day thinking if we wanted some quicker highlight reel we could edit it ourselves or ask friends (we work in entertainment industry and have friends that are editors). After seeing the great care and beautiful presentation we had for our near hour long video we purchased the highlight reel from them as well and got a beautiful six minute highlight. Finally - there was one moment from our wedding that did not appear in either video and was one of my wife's favorite moments (it had likely been edited for content as it was not an all ages appropriate toast). I inquired if they had that on film and within minutes they sent me three versions of the clip. It was amazing!


If you are looking for high quality videographers who are incredibly accommodating and able to adjust on the fly then look no further - hire Cancun wedding Video. We know from our jobs that editing video can be time consuming so I know other reviews mentioned the wait but it was completely appropriate and most importantly - they were exactly on time with delivering an amazing video. Thanks again Mike and team! 


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