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Rivera Wedding 11/25/17 "Best Wedding I Have Ever Experienced!"
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Pros: Ease and Location
Cons: Leaving!

My husband and I (fiance at the time) were a bit overwhelmed, at the start of our wedding planning, with the options of venues in Puerto Vallarta for our November 2017 wedding. However, after a few days of research there was one place that came to our attention from a few different avenues (personal web research, friend's experiences, and friend's research); Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas. The cost, the location, the coordination all seemed too good to be true, there had to be a catch... No catch. We are so incredibly pleased with the entire process from beginning to end.


The first person I was in contact with when calling Adventure Weddings was Blanca Sanchez, who made the set-up process and informational stage so easy and understandable. We soon found out that Blanca would also be our wedding coordinator. With both mine and and husband's difficult schedules Blanca took so much stress out of the planning process for us. She is so knowledgeable about the entire coordination of weddings and event planning. I couldn't have asked for a more seamless process and professional wedding coordinator.  


The Wedding- Everything was so beautiful! Blanca was there to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible, her professionalism and poise during the whole event was remarkable. All we had to think about during the entire day was enjoying our wedding and our guest. 


The common comment we hear from those who where there with us to celebrate our wedding is, "That was the best wedding I have ever experienced." All though I may a be a bit biased, I would have to say that I agree 100%. Thank you, Blanca and the entire Adventure Wedding team for making our big day so beautiful and unforgettable.  


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