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Warning: Post-wedding Blues is a Real Thing
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By seanywalker, · 927 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Everything. I had a lot of changes to the schedule (I plan events, so that's to be expected), and our wedding planner was able to accommodate with a smile :).
Cons: Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas should be on a different level. The rating system should go to 6 stars just for them!

3/25/17: Wedding of a Lifetime


Find our hashtag on Instagram and Facebook: #suggstobeawalker


I can not begin to explain how amazing our experience was.  We wanted a beach wedding and LOVE Puerto Vallarta, as it's our home away from home.  My partner was researching venues and found Las Caletas back in April of 2016.  We blindly booked after reading all of the positive reviews.  We were paired with a wedding planner at that time and was told we wouldn't start the real planning until 3 months out.  I was a little nervous for this as I plan events for a living, but after reading the reviews... I calmed down.  We were in Puerto Vallarta about 6 months before the wedding and toured the venue at that time.  If you haven't been, I have to tell you... This place is breathtaking.  


That initial venue tour was relaxing and we felt so much better.  We loved our wedding planner, and she made us feel very comfortable about the whole experience.  She mentioned they do 200+ weddings a year!  That actually made me feel better as this is pretty turnkey for them.  We were able to go through a presentation with all the options for the wedding on the beach we were getting married at.  It was nice to be able to pick out the colors, extra options, etc. at the venue.  We left feeling so much better.


Unfortunately, our wedding planner had to leave the company due to health concerns about 2-3 months out.  I was freaking out, but Cynthia (our new wedding planner) came in and saved the day!  We went back and forth on specifics and everything checked out to what we wanted to do.  She even came to my hotel a few days before the wedding to go through all the details.  We provided her a timeline (by the minute) of exactly what we wanted.  She appreciated it, and I'd suggest you do the same.  


Actual wedding day:


My partner and I opted to do the speedboat to Las Caletas (with 6 of our friends).  I HIGHLY suggest you pay for this option.  We went at 9a directly to Las Caletas and it only took us about 15 minutes vs. an hour on a boat with people we wouldn't know.  


The service that day was incredible.  We had a breakfast and lunch in our suite, went to Teen Adventures for some fun on the slide and zipline, and chilled for a few hours before we had to get ready.  Definitely check out the adult beach.  We were the only ones there!


Cynthia, the DJ, and our server checked on us frequently and made sure we were super comfortable.  She told us when we had to get ready (I don't think I even had my watch/phone the whole day).  We took pictures before the guests arrived and had plenty of time after the ceremony to have fun!  My partner and I relaxed in the room above dinner and watched our guests arrive around 5p.  This was beautiful and definitely emotional for me.  We snuck a few looks at the wedding party and they couldn't see us.


The rest is a blur because everything happened so fast, because it was so fun.  The ceremony was beautiful.  We opted for a guitarist and had a friend sing during the ceremony and first dance.  Definitely check out our #suggstobeawalker for pictures!  We had a parrot deliver our rings and kept it a surprise from our guests.  DO THIS!  Our friends are still talking about it.


The food was incredible and the service at dinner was spectacular.  Our cake was everything we wanted and more.  The flowers and dance floor was better than expected. 


I really have nothing negative to say!  I do have to say that the boat ride back was probably one of the biggest highlights.  We definitely threw a party.  The alcohol never stopped flowing!  


I know it's cheezy to say, but that was definitely the best day/night/week of my life.  There is absolutely no reason to not go with Adventure Weddings.  


Literally all of our friends said it was the best wedding they have been to, and seriously they weren't sucking up about this one.





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