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The MOST AMAZING wedding!!!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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Pros: Everything!
Cons: Honestly - nothing

We got married on March 18, 2017 at Las Caletas, and it was everything we had hoped for, and more. First off - the venue is naturally gorgeous, very secluded, lush and private. At night is it all lit up by candlelight which made it even more beautiful.  We were lucky enough to do our site visit a few months prior to the wedding, and our AMAZING wedding planner, Madelyn, spent so much time with us touring the venue and answering every little question we could come up with.  She remained just as patient as ever throughout the planning process.  While you do start planning about 3 months in advance, ask for the wedding questionnaire as soon as you book - there are some things on there that you may want additional time to think about and will make the 3 month planning period even easier.  The entire process was pretty simple, and Madelyn made every little detail we asked for come to life.  There was not a single thing that was overlooked.  Madelyn was super responsive to emails the entire time and honestly went above and beyond to make our wedding exactly as we imagined it - even when we threw her last-minute curve balls about menu items, seating arrangements and photography requests that would change up our "day of" timeline. I can't say enough about Madelyn, she was fantastic!  My advice to future brides - tell your planner everything that you want out of the day - It didn't occur to me to mention to Madelyn that I was putting jewelry on my bouquet and that I wanted to save the bouquet and bring it home with me, as I figured I would remember to grab it, or my mom/MOH would.  When leaving, I totally forgot about my bouquet (as did my family and bridal party) and left it at Las Caletas.  The next day I realized I didn't have it and started to panic, but luckily the head server had seen the jewelry and saved it (thank you!).  But they hadn't saved the bouquet since I hadn't requested it.  Not a big deal at all as I probably couldn't get it back through Customs anyways, but if I had told Madelyn that I wanted to save the bouquet (and it had meaningful jewelry pinned to it), she would have made sure that I had it when leaving. If there is a detail that is important to you, tell your planner!


When we went to Puerto Vallarta early to do the site visit, Madelyn also helped us coordinate engagement pictures with our photographer, Ivan, who was equally amazing.  He is so passionate about what he does, and it comes through in the pictures.  He is also so much fun!  We haven't seen our wedding pictures yet but if they are anything like our engagement pictures, we know they'll be fabulous. He was very flexible with us while also providing great guidance on the pictures we wanted to get.  He has a ton of experience, which really put us at ease as sometimes we didn't really know what to expect with a "package deal", but don't hesitate to go with the Vallarta Adventure photographers.  Ivan is a really great photographer!


The officiant, Jairo also deserves special praise.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house during the ceremony, and we had multiple comments on what a fantastic job he did and how it was the best ceremony that many of our guests had attended. The DJ, Rafael did a fantastic job with the music, all of the guests were out on the dance floor and he really kept things going.  The cruise director, Julio, did a great job on the boat ride there and back (the boat ride made for some very fun memories as the party continued until we docked!).  The entire waitstaff at Las Caletas was beyond amazing, every time we turned around there was someone there to help get us whatever we wanted.  They were so attentive!


We had so many guests tell us that it was the best/most fun/most unique/most beautiful wedding they had ever attended. Almost a month later, we are still getting told what an amazing time everyone had and how gorgeous the event was.  Everything was amazing - everything.  I have very high expectations and am a very Type A person, and I would recommend Las Caletas to even the most high strung, discerning person out there.  Between the beautiful venue and fantastic planning by Madelyn, it was so much fun to both plan and experience. Thank you to everyone at Las Caletas who made the day so special and perfect!


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