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Wedding 3 weeks away... ADVICE!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By Chelsrenee, · 943 Views · 0 Comments

Hello Past LC Brides! We are getting married on Feb 17 at Las Caletas. We have booked fire dances, gotten all of our decor down pat, basically only the tiny tin details are left. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or little tidbits to pass on. Secondly, has anyone experienced poor communication? I understand the planners there are busy, but I have really been having trouble getting questions answered, have asked for a skype call and gotten no response, we leave for PV in 2 weeks and I still have unanswered questions and am starting to panic because my planner side of me is not calm! I am more than sure that it will all be amazing once we get there, but I hate the uneasy feeling gah!!


One concern I did have is the sand being hot, the girls and myself are all going barefoot... anyone have any stories to share about barefoot in the sand? Good or bad.


So if anyone has advice I would love to hear it, we are so so so excited! Feel free to reply to this thread or email me at chelsey.giesbrecht@gmail.com


Thanks :)


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