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Word Class DJ in Land of Wannabe DJ's
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DJ Ricardo Patino

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By SFgroom, · 530 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Exceptional mixing skills, equipment and outstanding attitude
Cons: None

I was married in San Jose Del Cabo in 2015.  After contacting various DJ's, I found Ricardo.  I would recommend Ricardo to anyone seeking great music for their wedding. After discussions with Ricardo over email, Ricardo came to my resort to review our contract and other details.  I found Ricardo to be pleasant, professional and ready to provide my wife and I great DJ services.  He brought his lap top and we sampled music together. It was like hanging out with an old buddy as we listened to great tunes.  He laid out everything in detail and was responsive to all my questions (and of course all of me wife's questions too!).  Because Ricardo has tons of experience, all my questions were not only answered but he gave us a sense of confidence that this part of our wedding would go without any glitches.  He provided us a vision of how everything would unfold and that was refreshing. 


Although Ricardo has a great ear for all kinds of music, I knew Ricardo was our DJ  when starting taking about house music.  And I don't mean all that techno crap or so called EDM BS that fake DJ's are playing now.  I mean old school house music.  I had a list from my days living in San Francisco and he knew them all!  Anyway, if that is not your genre, no worries Ricardo has been spinning music for years and you will be pleased with his skills.  Oh, I have a friend who plays the Congas and so I asked Ricardo if he could being those too.  He was more than willing to accommodate my request even though we didn't use them.


I found Ricardo's rates fair for HIS SKILL SET.  If you want some "DJ" to spin crap music without any true blending and mixing, then you have all sorts of "DJs" to chose from.  If you want great music professionally mixed using outstanding technology, you call Ricardo and don't even question yourself.  I recall getting a dance floor with lights as our wedding was outside.  That too was awesome!  Ricardo made sure that was done correctly.  You get married once, so spend a few extra dollars for great services!


I remember my wedding like it was yesterday. A lot of that has to do with memories of all my guests dancing and having a great time.  I also has mariachi band and Ricardo was able to work seamlessly with the band.  I recently contacted Ricardo because I wanted to know if he by chance recorded the wedding music as I wanted to copy.  By the way, I had old rock and roll, R&B and latin songs on my list that Ricardo mixed in beautifully with my house music.  He said he did not have such a recording but he still had my list and promised to quickly provide that!  2 years later I am getting a return on my DJ investment!  Muchas Gracias Ricardo!!


Hire Ricardo.  He's the best in Cabo by far.


From SFgroom!






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