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By Berg999, · 1,344 Views · 3 Comments


DO NOT believe the positive reviews! I did and it ruined my wedding and got my phone stolen. Sure this brother duo DJ service was quick and responsive and friendly via email prior to the wedding. But I learned afterwards what a mistake it was to hire this guy. Their DJ Service was TERRIBLE. DJ Hugo RUINED our wedding reception! If you want a DJ who DOESN'T play any of your songs, cuts songs short after less than a minute while everyone is dancing, RUSHES speeches, dances, garter/bouquet toss and cake cutting one after another within the first hour of the reception, is unprofessional & rude to guests and staff and on top of it steals your cellphone, denies it, offers to pay for it then ignores all your calls and emails then THIS is your guy!  DO NOT HIRE DJ DOREMIXX for your wedding!!! WORST DECISION! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND HIRE SOMEONE ELSE! These guys are shady!!!


Hi Christina,


How sad we are, to read your post in this forum, and now you're trying to put our reputation down when at the end of the wedding you told us that everything was great and were very happy about our services, and once you realize that It was lost your cell phone, change your mind and now you are writing these post where you can.


It is true we are professionals and we want to pay a cell phone that we do not have as you mention, but I think you are missing information in this post, on how they treated Hugo security team hotel and your friends, trying to find your phone, reviewed Hugo in his physical person, his truck, his bags and could not find anything, unfortunately he handed the phone to one of your friends, and they went straight to the bar for drinks "tequila" and give encouragement to make their special dance for you, where they left the phone? Who knows? could take anyone or external staff Hotel, certainly Hugo made the mistake of giving the phone to the wrong person thinking he would give you the phone.


Unfortunately, you've written the review, when you threatened us to write this kind of reviews if we do not we paid to you.


We ask the receipt of your phone to pay you, and you only sent photos of how much is the price, but now you want us to pay a phone that is lost and pay you for a new one, that is not possible, when we had already agreed to pay half the cost of your phone.


I hope we can reach a deal, and again I inform you, Hugo and our staff do not took your phone.


Thank you very much and God bless you


Please excuse any typos n God bless!

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Both you and your brother Hugo have ignored all emails and phone calls from both my husband and I. We have tried to "settle" with your company and have not heard anything back. We were NOT happy with the service REGARDLESS of my phone being stolen. I was upset that DJ Hugo rushed my reception by doing speeches, followed directly by first dances, followed directly by cake cutting, garter toss/bouquet toss with no break in between to let us ENJOY our reception. DJs who have been doing this a long time SHOULD know that these common reception traditions should be SPREAD apart and allow the couple to enjoy them instead of feeling stressed out and rushed. DJ Hugo also cut off every song when we were all dancing and DID NOT play 99% of the songs I requested on my MUST PLAY list. I understood my list was a little long and did not expect ALL songs to play but I figured MOST should be played? But maybe 1% were played and I had to keep going up and asking him to play the songs I could remember I wanted played. I SHOULDNT have had to do that! We should not have had to go up and yell at him to slow things down and spread things out over the hours of reception. We did not FLIP out on DJ Hugo or tell him how unhappy we were because it was our wedding and we were trying to enjoy it and not get angry and upset. We are not mean or bitchy or critical people. We know how to let things go and we were willing to let it go that we were rushed and songs werent played or cut off short, but yes, when DJ Hugo was the last one seen with my cellphone that he took possession of, and the phone was missing at the end of the night, there was no more "just letting things go".


This ruined the end of my night and cancelled my after party to continue enjoying my wedding night with my family and friends in the resort bar because I was upset and trying to find my phone. As the professional DJ who had possession of the Bride's phone, he should have made sure to give it BACK TO THE BRIDE or GROOM or even the Wedding coordinator, not supposedly to a drunk and essentially naked(in their underwear) wedding guest. That is common sense.


Hugo had already LEFT the resort when he was called to come back and be searched for the phone. He had plenty of time to stash the phone elsewhere, IF he took it, OR his 3 helpers could have taken it as they left the resort before we could search them. The Hotel staff did not take the phone because they are physically searched BEFORE they enter the resort and before the leave EVERY day and their cellphones are sent a special text code when they arrive and it must be there and matching when they leave. They did not take it. My guests (family and friends) were also searched and they did not have the phone. The only people not searched were your 3 helpers. In the end, as you said, we will never truly know who took my phone or what happened, but nonetheless, it ruined my wedding night and cost me a fortune.


We spoke with Hugo on the phone 2 days later after searching everyone and the resort, and he AGREED it was the RIGHT thing to do to refund half our money back from the total service bill to help me get a new phone. Then you email me telling me you guys agree to pay ONLY half the cost of a new phone which is less and not what Hugo agreed to. Now, you wanted a receipt for purchase of a new phone and that has been sent to you via email and I still have not gotten an email response from you. I just want you and your company to do the right thing and refund my money. I was not happy with the service and then my phone being stolen when last seen in the DJ's possession. I PROMPTLY paid you guys for your services and there is no reason I should be having to chase and threaten you to pay me as you agreed upon both verbally and written. I only write these reviews on social media to WARN people of what happened to me and what could happen to them. I won't stop warning people until I get a true response via email from you and you actually refund the money that you said you would.

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Look...still no response. No emails from this DJ. With all that "God Bless" talk he was doing, you would think he would do the right thing and respond like he said he would and make things right. But NOPE! Hasn't said one word to us to honor his word. SO SHADY!

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