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Our Dream Day in Cuba ♡
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Jasmin & Matt Photography

Detailed Ratings

By KaylaAmmeter, · 445 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Detail, creativity, obsession of their craft!
Cons: We only get to get married once!
I've looked through our photos probably 30 times by now and they continue to put the biggest, warmest smile on my face! The detail is, for a lack of a better word, insane!! To work with two people who are willing to literally get elbow deep in the ocean with you to get some of the amazing shots they did was such a cool experience! And yes, there are two cameras capturing two different but equally important angles of EVERY shot!! They are truly dedicated to their work and wow does it show! We've said it before, but we will never stop bragging about these two! We're so happy they were there to capture our day and sincerely hope countless others can have the same experience!
Thanks again Jas & Matt, you guys are the best ♡


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