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Playa del Carmen
Didn't hear my wedding vows! Great location, bad communication.
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Kool Beach Club

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By Sarahop81, · 756 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Location, Wedding Ran Smoothly, Beautiful Setting
Cons: Didn't Hear Wedding Vows, Bad Communication

I decided to book my wedding here because I wanted my guests to get a chance to leave the hotel and experience downtown Playa.  I booked my wedding over a year and a half away.  I had 2 different wedding coordinators.  My first one quit and I didn't get any responses from them for over a month or two.  When I finally asked for a refund, I heard from management right away.  

Yuritizia handled most of my wedding.  The communication before my wedding was very slow until a month or two before the wedding.  But she was very nice and all my requests were met.  We met a couple days before the wedding and she was very professional and kind.  The setup was great and beautiful.  I wanted to save money and I wasn't a big fan of some of their decorator's decorations, so I brought my own table pieces.  I also sent them photos of the flowers I liked.  They set them up the table decorations perfectly for me. Even made a cute way to hold my place cards.  When we met w/ Yuritiza, I mentioned there were two beach clubs on both sides of the club and I was worried that I would not be able to hear my ceremony.  She said that it would not be a problem at all.  


Turns out, as I am walking down the isle, I hear loud banging music from the club next door.  I asked her what was going on and she said, "Sorry, we couldn't reach anyone there to turn it off."  Nobody mentioned anything to me before walking down the isle.  Had I known it was so loud, I would have personally delayed my wedding 10 minutes, walked over and asked them to turn down their music.   We could see a few people standing at the DJ table so people were there.  I was shocked that we had our ceremony with the music so loud.  And right in the middle of the ceremony they played Nicki Minaj's Anaconda song.  As the song started my guests just gasped and looked at me.  They felt so bad.  I tried to make light of the situation by starting to dance a little and they all laughed.  I tried to play it off like it wasn't a big deal, but it truly makes me sad that I didn't hear one word clearly through my ceremony.  I really wish they would have told me about that. Ceremony was about 20 minutes, we did the sand feature too.  It was really nice.

I loved how everything else turned out.  DJ played all my requested songs.  Food was surprisingly good.  You never know with wedding venues how food will be.  We had the fish and chicken options.  Drinks were strong, great and quick.  Minister was a nice woman.  She could have dressed up a little more.  A couple guests even mentioned she was dressed like she was going to work in an office; long black pants, sandals and red tank top.  But that wasn't too big an issue for me.  The staff at the club worked so hard and they were so nice.  They did a great job.    


We hired Photos in Cancun for our wedding.  They were absolutely amazing.  Best choice I made.  And took such great photos of our wedding setup.  I just loved how the photos turned out.  I did give permission for them to bring in some photographers so they could take photos for their own promotions.  They were just fine and worked well with our photographers.  I was promised I would get to see those photos.  I keep asking for those photos and the person that replaced Yuritzia will not email me back.  It's been 6 months since my wedding and still no photos.  

Overall, I don't regret having the wedding there.  If planning your wedding there, just be prepared for slow communication.  And do not believe them when they say they will make sure the ceremony is quiet.  I really would after meeting w/ them go personally to the clubs next door and ask them to keep their music levels down for the 15-30 minutes that you have your scheduled wedding.  Or else your wedding song will also be Anaconda.  :)   


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