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Our perfect day! 2-19-16 Punta Cana thanks to ALVARO and his team!
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By Paparella, · 674 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: BEAUTIFUL pictures, quick turn around, digital copies of all photos (edited and unedited), hard working staff
Cons: photobook re-do and initial flash drive issue (both quickly corrected!)

ALVARO was our photographer for the day. I emailed him ahead of time because I wanted to make sure he could make a video of our wedding. I saw there was only one sample on the beach wedding studio website so I wanted some more details. He offered us FULL DAY coverage of pictures and video for a great deal. We set up the specific details beforehand and decided to do a first look session. We decided to do this so we would have more time with our guests during the cocktail hour and I wouldn't have done it any other way! This gave us pictures in the garden and on the beach so we had a nice variety. We had a quick half hour meeting 2 days before the wedding to finalize and confirm the plans for the wedding day. First ALVARO and his team photographed the groom and groomsmen getting ready in our hotel room, then he did the same for the my and my bridesmaids getting ready in the spa. Then we went into the garden for the first look and group pictures. Then we had the ceremony and took beach group and individual pictures. ALVARO met us at the reception and captured EVERY single moment of our special day. He took AMAZING pictures and I am EXTREMEMLY impressed. He worked very hard to get all the right angles and to make sure the lighting was good. He kept apologizing for taking so many pictures but we didn't mind! We knew he was not satisfied until he got the perfect picture! I felt bad because he even lost his voice from talking so much and organizing group photos! He gave us a wide variety of pictures and they turned out BETTER than I could have ever imagined! The videographers were right there by his side the entire time and they worked just as hard as Alvaro! There was an extremely quick turn around with pictures and video. We got all the edited pictures, the slideshow, original pictures, and video 3 days after the wedding since that's when we were checking out. This is unheard of when it comes to other photographers and it was AMAZING to have the finished products before we left. We were given a flashdrive with all the products on it. There was a slight problem with the slideshow and music on the flashdrive but Alvaro quickly fixed the problem by sending us a new file by dropbox after we left. Unfortunately Alvaro was not there the day we viewed our slideshow and video and I wish he would've been! The music he chose and the edited pictures were breath-taking! Myself, my husband, and my parents were tearing up when we watched them. Was worth every single penny and I would not short yourself on pictures and video! These are things you will have for the rest of your life! We ended up paying more than what we were originally quoted because we chose to upgrade to the larger photobook and we were given ALL of our original photos in addition to our edited photos. For these additional items, we were willing to pay more. I am glad we have ALL of our photos including the originals because I can get them printed if I want. Overall we have 500+ pictures!! You also get the copywrite to the photos so you can print them from whatever company or source you chose and can post them on social media since they are digital. I've been able to show all my friends and family our pictures already! Our photobook came a week after the wedding and it was beautiful! The only problem was I think the glue was old because the pages started splitting. I told Alvaro this and he immediate had a new one made and sent out to us no problem! I cannot say enough good things about ALVARO and his team. ALVARO IS THE BEST!

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That sounds awesome! I will be getting married in the DR soon and hope my experience with my photographer is similar to yours... Too many pictures? Ha! That's a dream! Congratulations!

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