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FineArt is a MUST for your wedding!
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FineArt Studio Photography

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By hampino, · 687 Views · 1 Comment

5 for 5 on our entire experience!

For us, booking vendors for a destination wedding was nerve racking. There are no sit down meetings that can happen beforehand, so most of the work is done over email and online searches. Scary stuff for what's supposed to be the most important day of your lives.


We received dozens of photographer recommendations and after combing through their websites, we landed on FineArt for several reasons.


One being, their photos were out of this world. Like, WOW. Way better than almost everyone.


The price was right! Photos are not cheap, people. If you want it done right, it costs, but when you compare what you're getting with FineArt to the galleries of other vendors who may charge more or less, it's truly the most bang for your buck.


Their sales manager, Elena, is on top of it! She's fast on email, answers all your questions, and her attention to detail is on point. Too many times I would send an email to a vendor and either not hear back, or some of my questions would go unanswered; not with Elena. She would routinely check in with us just to check and see if anything had changed. That's what you want because life gets crazy and you may slip up and forget to let a vendor know about something important. She kept us on the rails and made us feel prepared.


Our photographers, Alvaro and Jorge, were total pros and a couple of charmers. Everyone loved them. They were part of the family, and yet invisible at the same time, catching special moments... not creating them. Do you follow? There was a lot less time spent on posing for photos than there was them simply catching the moment, which is what you want. Lastly, they were flexible. I wouldn't say our families are crazy, but when it came time for group photos, we were all over the place (crying babies, running around, distracted, etc etc, it was hilarious). Alvaro and Jorge just went with the flow and it was FUN! We had jumping photos, sunglasses photos, photos with the ENTIRE wedding group, you name it. Piece of cake for these guys.


Ok, so if you've read this far, you need to know the most important part. Our photos. The photos of only the bride and groom. Stunning, simply stunning. They blew our mind and we feel so lucky. Each photo looks like a painting, and each pose is natural. No silly forced poses.


So yes, if we were going to get married again (we're not), we would call FineArt Studio!!!! Don't look anywhere else. This is it.

1 Comment

Im so happy with this review! Thanks for taking the time to wrote it. We booked them for our May wedding and I'm so excited to see what our wedding photos will be like. My finace is doing all the contacting for our outside vendors and he forwards me the emails d you are absolutely correct, Elena is very quick to resond. She is always on it which I love.

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