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By NicoleRuygrok, · 635 Views · 0 Comments

Derek and Lorena were exceptional! We got married Feb 3rd, 2016 at Azul Fives and they made the day go flawless, without them we couldn't have imagined the day going so smoothly! From our initial contact, they seemed knowledgable and you could tell they took passion in their job! They set out a time line for the day from our initial first couple e-mails. It helped me get an idea on how the day was going to go. They took interest in every detail I had envisioned and made sure before we even left that all the important details of the day would be taken care of. Once we arrived in Mexico they wanted to meet us even before the day so we weren't just meeting for the first time on the wedding day. This meant a lot as its hard to know who your hiring to capture your day when your miles apart. Even from meeting them for the first time we could tell they were a great fit, they were soo relaxed and made both us both feel so comfortable! You could also tell they were professionals in their field and were willing to make suggestions when needed and direct in the best way possible by giving us tips and pointers. By the time the wedding day came we had felt as if we had known both Derek and Lorena for a while. As soon as they arrived they started taking photos right away, as us girls were busy getting our hair and makeup done it was nice for them to just jump in and start taking photos. I didn't have to even worry about them being there. Through out the day they made sure every photo was taken, and even asked us to make sure no one was forgotten especially in the family photos. Once we got to head out for wedding party photos and photos of the two of us, they made it fun and relaxed. We never once felt like we were having to pose a lot, which I really didn't want our photos to be too "posy". We felt comfortable the whole time!! Another great bonus of hiring Derek and Lorena is they give you your photos at the end of the night on USB's. I loved having the photos right away so we could look back on the day when it was still fresh in our minds!! Everything about the day was perfect, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire Photos In Cancun again in a heart beat!!! They were above and beyond our expectations, we can't thank them enough!!!!


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