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ENTIRELY AMAZING - Incredible, breathtaking, magazine quality photographs from Ashley!
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Pros: Professional, Highly Skilled, Efficicient, Aritistic, Friendly, Creative - PERFECT!
Cons: NONE!!!

We were married 2-3-2016 at Excellence Riviera Cancun and had Ashley Posusta from Beach Wedding Studio as our photographer. We didn't really know what to expect from the hotel photography studio but we were EXTREMELY IMPRESSED and could not be more pleased with the entire experience! 


Ashley made us feel instantly at ease and led us through tons of poses effortlessly. She seemed to know exactly what we were looking for, even though we weren't able to convey specifics much! The session quickly flew by and we were told we could look at all the photographs in just 2 days. At the time, we were honestly hoping for just a couple good ones. The slideshow we were presented with blew us away. We were both choked up at the emotions she was able to capture. The photos were absolutely phenomonal - our pure happiness and love for each other were perfectly displayed. The feel was simultaneously natural and yet very polished. Our family and friends have all completely gushed over them. We ended up purchasing the slideshow and all the images and it was worth every single cent! Forever grateful to her for highlighting our special day!


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