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Octavio Montes Photography

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By HOWARD360, · 360 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Easy to work with and great quality shots
Cons: None

I'm writing this so that other people having destination weddings in foreign countries can feel more comfortable with their photographer.  I know I was nervous about pre-paying for services in Mexico. We were married at the Marriott in Cancun back in June 2013.   My wife to be gave me one job for the wedding and that was finding the photographer so I couldn't mess that up!


Octavio was very professional.  He came on time even though the weather was miserable and other people/services including the minister were late.   He's very friendly and gets people to smile, but also blended in the background for some phenomenal candid shots of the family.  We purchased time before the wedding, during the wedding, and after including a "trash the dress" a few days after.  6 hours + 1 hour a few later for the trash the dress.


We weren't sure about the "trash the dress", but those ended up being my wife's absolute favorite shots ever!  So if you're on the fence, just buy the extra time!  You're only married once (hopefully) so you might as well go all the way.


A lot of the poses that Octavio set up were different and not your typical group shots.  They were unique and interesting.


Octavio also included some artistic shots where he adjusted the tint/color to extremes for effect.


He also took requests that we had for specific features.  I would recommend putting together a checklist for him prior to the shoot of what you want.  


We never felt rushed on time or on shots even with the bad weather and delay or the 1 hour for the trash the dress later.


Lastly, my father was a professional photographer and we're friendly with our local print shop.  Without any prompting, when I came in to pick up my prints they said to me "Your father couldn't have taken these. He told me he took photos but tell me...."  And I told them, "my father took photos, but not THOSE photos!"




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