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Beautiful pictures and video to be treasured for a lifetime.
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Seasons Photo Studio

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By shpdom5wmga, · 602 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Artistry of video and photos
We got married at The Beloved Hotel in Playa Mujeres on November 7, 2015. Thank you to Beach Wedding Studio for a wonderful job. The coffee book, photos and video were amazing. We could not be happier with the result.  We so appreciate your time and effort in capturing those special moments of our day and then the subsequent work of editing and compiling it into a polished product.  
The videographer, Juan Carlos, did an amazing job of melding the speeches and songs with the video. It was a teary experience listening to our vows and hearing the speeches from our family again.  Considering how quickly the day flew by and how hard it was to remember what was said with all the emotions, watching the video and seeing the photographs helped us re-live the happiest day of our lives. He did a fantastic job of compacting a full day of emotions and events into a 15 minute video.
The photographer, also named Juan Carlos and his assistant (Orlando, I believe) did a fantastic job of getting photos from both my getting ready and the guys getting ready, as well as throughout the entire day. They captured every angle and did it in an unobtrusive and professional manner too. They have a way with the lighting and the ocean sky that just made the pictures spectacular. We can't wait to print and frame the pictures. We look forward to looking back on these pictures and watching the video for the rest of our lives!
Ashley was the main person we had contact with before and after the wedding. She was very prompt, professional and helpful in our email communications. We had many questions since we were planning from afar and didn't know what to expect, but she was patient in answering our questions and very understanding. 
Overall, a most positive experience that resulted in great pictures and an amazing video!  Thank you!!


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