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Amazing photographer and gorgeous photos!
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By kcheung, · 559 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Very intuitive photographer, professional,creative and friendly
Cons: None

We had our wedding at Excellence Riviera Cancun on Nov 10, 2015. To be perfectly honest, I was very nervous about how the photos would turn out. We had seen some of the photos by Beach Wedding Studio on their website prior to our wedding day but don't all companies post only their best work? Well, they exceeded far above my expectations. We were very lucky to have Ashley as our wedding photographer. She was very calm, very quick, and she is definitely very talented. Oftentimes, we didn't even notice her being there. She zipped in and out inconspicuously allowing us to be in the moment during our big day and I guess that is how she captured all of the precious moments. She made us feel very comfortable, and she is incredibly quick in scouting out the best location, best lighting, and best angle. She even had some very creative shots in there. I wonder how she even thought of those possibilities and where she was when she took those shots. She is a true professional photographer. She is very friendly and it was just pleasant to have her there. I really thought that the photographer would just be like one of those tour photographers that comes along during our excursions. I had no idea that we would be getting a true master of photography. My husband and I had no idea how to pose but Ashley directed us and I will never forget when she said "I want to get those clouds over there." I remember thinking "why does those clouds matter?" but omg, when I saw the photos, it all made sense. She sees more than the immediate. Our photos look like something out of a magazine. She captured the feel of the moment by including the elements in our environment. Her photos tell a story. It was exactly the style that I wanted even though I hadn't communicated that to the studio nor Ashley. I love her perspective! Everyone who has seen our wedding photos (that would be a few hundred people) told us how beautiful and stunning the photos came out. Everyone wanted to know who the photographer was. Oh Ashley, I am sure that most of our friends and family wish that you are in NYC!


I feel very fortunate that we had Ashley as our photographer. She gave us much more in our photos than we could ever imagine or ask for. Also, I think it is incredible that our photos were available in only 2 days. Our photo album was ready the day after we chose our photos. Ashley took so many great photos that we had great difficulty selecting only the number of pictures that we purchased. We ended paying for all of the photos, the DVD slide show (great song choices Ashley!), prints and the album. And to be perfectly honest, it was worth every penny we spent. For the friends and family that couldn't join us, they got the feel through our photos. We cherish our photo album so much that we have it locked away and my husband even makes sure that people clean their hands before they touch the book. Yes, the photos are that amazing and that precious! The cost is not any less than what an excellent photographer would charge in NYC but given the quality of work, we gladly paid the price. You only get one shot at your wedding day so the quality of your photos matter greatly.


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