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Couldn't ask for more!!
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Bohemia Photography

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By AngieRiley, · 417 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything.
Cons: Nothing
Spectacular, outstanding, magnificent, phenomenal, stupendous, incredible.....ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I can not put into words how talented these two are on top of being just great people.

My husband and I got married in Playa at the Mahekal Beach Resort at a sunset ceremony. Our day was perfect but rainy. We had hired a different photographer and our "couple session" after our ceremony was rushed and only shoots taken were posed ones on the beach. Not what we were looking for. I was so upset. Knowing we would be in Playa Del Carmen a few days more I wanted to take more candid shots around town. Our original photographer, who was rude to me, my husband and our family during our first session, said he would do it for a pretty high costs- I thought anyway. So to Google I went. After reading all the 5 star reviews and seeing Bohemia's photo gallery I just knew they were the photographer for us. (Where were they when I was first looking - no clue.) I sent an email to them (giving them a 24 hour notice to when I wanted pics taken) and within an hour of sending my "help I'm in a panic and need new pics taken tomorrow" email Misty had emailed me back and we had a time set up for the next day and she had several locations by our hotel that we could shoot at that would give us the look and feel of the photos we desired. When rain was likely the day of they were super accommodating to move our shoot up an hour all while getting a rental car so we wouldn't have to walk in the rain. (Who does that?!) We ended up shooting at so many amazing locations and went 2 hours over our time/agreement and they just went with it to get the shot. They even bought us a beer when the rain started to pass the time. Also, they didn't charge us for the overage!

I do not think we could have had a better experience. They went way above and beyond and made sure the shoot was fun and exactly what we wanted. Not what they thought we would like. Also, they are great about showing you how to pose your body to get the best angle for the shot. I would hire these two in a second again. Oh- and we had 10 awesome sneak peek pics in our inbox not even 48 hours after the shoot. They are fantastic too.

If you are reading this and are looking for a photographer for your special day- hire them now! I promise you will not regret it. I only wish I found them for our ceremony and reception.


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