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An amazing experience that will last forever!
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Moments That Matter Photography

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By JM2, · 585 Views · 1 Comment

We recently got married on September 17th 2015, and after 2 years of searching for a Canadian photographer in Mexico,  we decided to go with Moments that Matter Photography and so pleased we did! From the initial contact, Lincoln and his team have been the most professional group of individuals we dealt with during our wedding planning. Every email and question was answered promptly and with all the answers we needed plus more! My husband and I hesitated a little on booking a third party photographer only because the resort waned to charge us a $800 out of vendor fee, but it was totally worth it! We went with the gold package and the only downside looking back now was wishing we would have booked Lincoln and his amazing assistant Silvina for longer than the 5 hours!! As soon as they were on site and started snapping photographs, that special moment became real! Silvina was with the groom in is room and took some of the most memorable and precious pictures that I can honestly say, I have ever seen! Lincoln was with us ladies and made everyone feel so comfortable and natural that the only time we noticed he was there, was when he would get us laughing to take the edge off or get everyone to do something completely silly and out of character to snap those once in a lifetime pictures. My husband and I aren't photogenic at all but with Lincoln's advice and direction, all the photographs turned out wonderful! When it came time for the group pictures, Moments that Matter did a great job of requesting from us what groups and families we wanted to have taken so the flow was very smooth and everyone transitioned from one picture to the other with no issues, it was also a great thing that they do this because we did not forget anyone either. My husband and I are so grateful we went  with this company and would highly suggest them to any couple looking for wedding/engagement or even family pictures while in Mexico because we have absolutely no complaints and really adore all the photos greatly! Everyone who has seen the pictures have also complemented Lincoln and his team for the totally awesome and artistic shots that we got, each picture is different than the other and we got some really neat ones that we didn't even realize were taken!

Thanks so much to Moments that Matter for making those precious moments into everlasting pictures, with the day going by so fast it is great to know that we will have amazing photographs to always look back on!!


Jennine & Jesse

1 Comment

Jennine & Jesse,

First off... I want to thank you for the fantastic review and referral! You 2 were amazing and the only thing I would have to disagree with is that you were both so beautiful inside and out and I was able to capture that in your images. From getting ready, ceremony, groups and finally the evening reception... we all had a great time and its weddings like these I hate to leave as it feels like we have been friends for years! So much that we also had to share one sweaty hug before we left! haha

So glad you love the pictures. The people and the event were amazing so thank you for having us out!


Here is a link to the teasers should anybody want to see the amazing day with these 2!

Thank you again!!!


Link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153681635889487.1073741949.18683524486&type=3

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