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August 28, 2015 Wedding
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Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort All Inclusive

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By milldani, · 2,246 Views · 2 Comments

Pros: Large resort, great of all ages, beautiful resort, lot of meal options, great service, great wedding cordinator
Cons: horrible wedding planner communication, beach can smell bad because of the seaweed, rooms spread out

I used this website a lot when I was planning so I wanted to return the favor! I am so very happy with our wedding! I turned out perfect. Best advice and alway look at anything they send you and make sure you take responsibility for what you want.


We had 65 guests ranging from 10 months to 86 years old.

We stayed in the Sunrise section.


List of vendors and reviews

Latin Asia- was great! Very easy to work with and the flowers turned out amazing. (flowers, vases, lights over reception)


Gamma- only concern was they changed who I was working with multiple times. Make sure you always review your PO to make sure it matches what you want.  - (gold chairs, square tables and candles)


J&S- did an amaing job. Was very impressed by our DJ. I did however give him a huge list of songs to choose from. The light up dance floor was a huge hit! (DJ for 3 hours during reception and light up dance floor) gave $40 tip after wedding


La Cabina Photobooth Basic Package- they did a good job. I do however recommend bringing our own book to put the pictures in since they charge a crazy amount to give you one. They also give you a zip drive with a copy of all the picture.  (Photobooth for 2 hours at reception)


Styling Trio- very very expensive however did amazing! I only had them do my hair and showed her a picture and she did it just like it. I wouldn't recommend trials since you likely don't need them if you know what you want. ($250 hair  + 40 tip)  they come to your room which is nice. You can not use your resort credits on them. I had my sister do my make up but keep in mind the wind and heat.


I used Claudia Rodrigues Photography- which was not part of the approved venders however I think she was well worth the extra fees and ended up being cheeper than the dream art which I know had mixed reviews. (5 hours only photography) below is a link to her facebook



We didn't do a rehearsal dinner it seemed to be to much work.


Offsite Wedding planner- angeles-if you get her ask to change right away! At one point dealing with her I almost called it off. She got everything wrong, was manipulative, lied and would change things all the time. She even changed our wedding location without telling us 1 month before.  We send an email to her boss and the CEO of the company because of her.


Onsite Wedding planner- Leidi Laura Guman- she was amazing! I felt so much better after meeting and talking to her. I gave her a card with 100 in it at our meeting before the wedding however I think she still would have done an amazing job without it. To the meeting with her I brough a binder with a list of our PO, a list of the music, a list of names of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and how the walk in and with what music. This helped to make her life easier and me feel like we all had the same information. I also had a friend go with the meeting with me so she would help answer any questions during the wedding instead of coming up to me. I recommend this! I didn't get bothered at all.


We brought our own bose sound system for the cocktail hour and used my iphone.

We didn't use their officate bc my best friend did our wedding.

We payed for the extra hour and I am really glad we did. After wedding we all went out on the resort and it was so much fun!

I brought- table numbers, instagram signs, photobooth sign, pictures of us, a large welcome sign for the wedding, glow sticks for the dance floor (a big hit and so cheap!).


Wedding- 5 - Playa Caribeño Beach

Cocktail Hour 5:30 - Venado Garden

Reception 6:30-9:30 - Venado Terrace


All and all the stress was worth a week with 65 of our closest friends and family! The wedding was exactly what we wanted.


Great review thanks! Just curious why did you rent the chairs, tables and chargers from gama and not latin asia? I'm planning to rent chairs from Latin asia. I know they are the approved florists, but i just want to be sure there's no extra fee for using them for decor. Gama had never responded to me when I asked for décor options

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Congratulations and thank you for you review! My wedding will take place as MP in May 2016. I too have Angeles and she did seem to be a bit manipulative with forcing vendors on me ans slow to respond some times. But my biggest concern was choosing the location for each event. I was informed by her that I could not choose my locations; however, I saw other reviews stating otherwise. Is this true? Also, I wanted to know since you had 65 guest, I'm assuming you qualified for the free cocktail hour and free reception. Did you take advantage of this? If so, how did that process work? Lastly, I plan on adding some DIY decor to the complimentary wedding package, like chair covers, organza bows on the chairs, possible some type of organza drape on the arch and an aisle runner. Would you recommend this? Likewise, I plan on bringing my own centerpieces for the complementary reception and my own silk bouquets, corsages and boutineers. I know it sounds like a lot but I didn't want my decor to be plain and I didn't like the decor for their wedding packages. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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