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Riveria Maya Corridor
June 26th Wedding
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NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

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By slester05, · 2,448 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: Beautiful Resort, Great Staff, Clean, Good Communication
Cons: The Beach (seaweed, rocks)

I used this website extensively when planning my wedding, so I feel compelled to write a review - echoing what everyone else on this board has said, don't worry about a thing! They do multiple weddings every day and have it down to a T.  I had very little communication with wedding coordinator (Pilar) beforehand, mostly because we did a lot of things last minute, and everything still turned out perfectly and I had the wedding of my dreams.  


Wedding details:

50 guests

Coordinator: Pilar

Photos: Adventure photography (the resort photographer)

Ceremony: Beach

Cocktail Hour: Orange Lounge

Reception: Bamboo Room



I initially chose Now Jade mostly because of availability (we had to find a place on 3 months notice), and because they replied to our email very quickly.  Many other resorts in Mexico are SLOW at replying, we're talking weeks, but I always got quick responses from Jade.  That's relative of course, but almost always within 48-36 hours.  


The day we arrived we checked in at the preferred lounge (you get a free upgrade as part of the wedding package), and we were able to go to our rooms around 11 even though check in is not until 3.  The preferred lounge was a nice perk, they have an extensive bar, and an espresso maker, and its a nice place just to hang out.  We had coffee there almost every morning.  After that, we met with Pilar in the afternoon, and went over how we wanted things.  She asked about flowers, hair and makeup, the wedding party, etc at that meeting.  She took notes and asked some questions and we had everything ironed out within about an hour.  We picked the menu for the rehearsal dinner at that meeting, and actually changed some menu selections, and it was no big deal to change things last minute.


Day before the wedding:

We wanted to plan something fun for our group so we went through Cancun Alltours, to reserve spots for our group on a boat trip to Isla Mujeres, and about 25 people in our party participated.  Isla Mujeres was a beautiful white sandy beach island about 2 miles away.  The company sent two vans to pick up our group, drove us to the boat, and the tour lasted from 10AM-6PM.  We took an hour long boat ride, they dropped us off on the island where the company had chairs and cabanas, and organized activities like sand volleyball.  Had a buffet lunch then came back in the afternoon.  Everyone loved it and had a great time!  

That night we did a "rehearsal dinner". We didn't actually rehearse anything but wanted everyone to have time to do toasts etc.  We reserved one of the restaurants on the resort for our party, and we picked a menu.  The venue was Tamarindo because I thought it looked the nicest, but the menu was from the Italian restaurant (they said we could pick the meal off of any restaurant's menu).  We had them set up a screen and a projector, and played a slide show during dinner, did toasts after dinner.  Everything went smoothly; Pilar was there and met me 15 minutes beforehand to plan how the night would go, and she gave instructions to the head waiter then left for another wedding.  I don't mind that she came and went from different events, but if you're expecting her to be there for your entire rehearsal/wedding reception, she won't be. Even without her everything was fine.


Wedding day:

I had my hair and makeup done, and paid for my bridesmaids (4)  to all have hair but not make up, which cost about $300, but it turned out gorgeous!  I was a little nervous because I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but they made it look great, and everyone’s hair was perfect too! One of my sisters even went back down to get it redone because she ended up not liking it, and they fixed it for free.  I had no problems with the resort salon.  After that we waited in my room until it was time for the entire wedding party (minus me) to meet in the lobby, and Pilar walked them all down to the beach.  She then came back for me, and I met her in the lobby, and she escorted me to the beach.  I had to wait by myself for about 45 minutes for her to call me to come down, which was very nerve wracking.  I wish she would’ve let someone stay, but she wanted everyone else at the beach.  The ceremony was great.  I was nervous because we didn’t actually rehearse with the minister, but he directed us what to do, and to hold hands, turn around, etc, and it was fine. If you do your ceremony on the beach there will be people at the infinity pool watching you, but I thought that was fun.  They cheered when it was all over and were not a distraction.


Cocktail hour: I didn’t get to participate in much of it because we were taking photos, but just FYI, “orange lounge” is literally a walkway between the buffet and another restaurant that they rope off, and set up a bar.  Despite that, they made it look nice, and we brought candles and napkins that they put out on the tables, and I think it looked nice.


Reception: I used the resort DJ, and I read complaints on here about his selections, so my husband and I wrote out a list of about 30 songs, and told him to play all of those, and when he was done, then to play 80’s and 90’s pop.  He stuck exactly to the list, then the songs he chose were all pretty good too, so I have no complaint.  The bamboo room is more than adequate for 50 people, and had air conditioning, and windows that look out over the ocean, it was great.  The cake was delicious, we had white with white icing, and they decorated it with flowers and put our cake topper on the table next to it, which looked fine.  We didn’t pay for extra time, 3 hours of dancing was good for most people, but a group of us went down to the Mix bar, which is one of the outdoor bars, right outside the orange lounge, where they had a live band almost every night, and people continued to drink and dance, I heard until 2AM, although we left before that.  I don’t think you need to pay for more than 3 hours for the reception, as there are multiple bars around the resort which stay open late, and will be very accommodating.  The mix bartender kept bringing our group rounds of shots and I think everyone had a great time.


Side notes, the week we were there was shortly after a hurricane in the Gulf, and the beach was covered in seaweed.  They attempted to clean it up, but the beach was nasty.  That’s really the only negative thing I have to say about the whole experience!  A couple of people in our group got a little sick, but I think it was more from drinking too much than anything else J


Below are some photos, not from our photographer, just from guests.  The resort photographer was fine.  We paid for 4 hours of photos and chose 125, which seemed like not enough, but so many people were taking photos throughout the event that we have tons of great photos.  If you are really counting on having wonderful professional photos, maybe use an outside photographer, but we had an adequate number of good ones to choose from, and don’t regret using Adventure Photography.


Overall, I couldn’t have asked for anything more, it was a great experience!








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First of all congrats on your marriage!! So the tour that your group did was that at a extra cost to you (or your guest)? Or was that something included? I'm planning a wedding at Now Jade and was looking for something to do as like a welcome party. The tour sounds perfect. I keep seeing the seaweed issue come up ... did you all just stay away from the beach all together?

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