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Alvarro at Excellence Punta Cana
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By JessicaN, · 417 Views · 0 Comments

We got back from our wedding in Punta Cana last week, and I cannot say enough about how amazing Alvarro Gil Perez from Beach Wedding Studio was. He was so nice, very professional, and just great to work with, and our photos came out better than we could have imagined! We were so in love with all of them that we upgraded our package so we could get double the amount (over 300) He met us beforehand to talk about our schedule for the day (it was a bit un-traditional as we did a first-look before the ceremony). We had a very tight timeline, and Alvarro was extremely good at knowing the exact spots to take the best pictures to capture the light at the time of day. The perfect mix of laid back and also using our time very efficiently. I had NO stress during the photos. The beach was very windy and my hair was all over the place, but you could not tell from the photos - he made them look absolutely perfect!

Thank you SO much Alvarro for the great day and the beautiful memories to last a lifetime


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