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Photos in Cancun Photography

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By Freshour, · 467 Views · 0 Comments

I have nothing to say but good things about Derek and Lorena with photos in cancun! They were very professional, amazing photographers and awesome people. We are the type of people that just like to hAve a good time and they captured every moment along with making sure we stayed on track. I love that during the ceremony and reception they weren't distracting and managed to get great shots! During the reception you didn't even notice them. We didn't keep them for the whole reception because we had an hour of photography included in our wedding package with the resort photographer. We wished we would have had them for longer because they were so amazing. They still did such a great job with only 4-5 hours and captured everything we needed. They made you feel comfortable and we're easy to talk to! I feel like we could be friends haha. I highly recommend Derek and Lorena for your special day! We would love to go back for our anniversary and use them again!


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