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Very Late Review- Wedding was in 2012
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Dean Sanderson Photography

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By beachbride5555, · 1,088 Views · 0 Comments

After many hours searching for a photographer, I was confident that we made the right choice with Dean. Everything was great up until we actually met him- on our wedding day. I feel that maybe we caught him on an off day or something compared to everyone else's experience with him. When he showed up, he didn't have a second shooter or an assistant. Which made the entire experience very difficult because we couldn't hear him (over the ocean) when he was trying to set us up for pictures on the beach and the majority of our pictures show that. We have awkward stances, or turned in wrong, etc. a second set of eyes would have prevented that. Also, he did not take any pictures of my husband getting ready prior to our ceremony as we had initially planned with him, and when you're getting ready for your wedding ceremony it's a bit chaotic so I didn't think at the time that he should have snuck away to get pre wedding pics of the guys. Thankfully, my aunt took some pictures of them. We did manage to get a few great pictures, but nothing really 'spectacular' and our family pictures are terrible due to the awkward poses. I really don't mean to bash him and it has taken my a couple years to be able to write this review because I was (still am) upset about how it all turned out. I just feel that we needed more guidance from him and more time with ensuring that our poses weren't so awkward and uncomfortable.

I really hope this review helps you guys out! :) Just please make sure your photographer has an assistant or a second shooter!


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