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FineArt Studio Photography

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By joaniestjean, · 390 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: professional, friendly, creative, customer service
Cons: nothing

I chose fineart studio for my wedding because I fall on love with their work, and I was right!!! Every Step that I had to pass with them were very nice and professional ! I was in contact with Lisa and Elena since summer 2014 to now in may 2015. Each questions were respond quickly, in less than 24 Hours. They are both so friendly and I was always happy to have an email from them with a sympatic "holà!". The wedding day; wow!!!!! Cherisa and Hector make our big day so fabulous!!!! They were very professional, but also friendly with us!!! They knew exactly were to go and in which moment to make The perfect moment for "THE PICTURE"!!! Must of our family don't speak english and they found the "words" to make That everybody understand what to do ! We really spend a good Time with Them , Fun and fantastic moments. They knew exactly how to make us in confidence. When Elena sent me our pictures : wowowowowowow!!! I was so happy !!!! All pictures are "THE PICTURES"!!! My big problem for now it's to choose my pictures for our album, because in 500 pictures We have 500 good pictures and 380 favorites pictures !!!! Also, in our contract We were suppose to have 350 pictures but they gave us 150 pictures more in gift!!! :) cherisa captured THE right moment in every pictures!!! She captured a bird flying behind us in THE playa wow !!! She knew exactly how to put us to have THE best photography. I sent her pictures ideas before my wedding day and she do more That I expected for pictures!!!!! She had a lot of good ideas and it's make very beautiful pictures!!! I have no negative point about fineart studio, only positives points!! We like our experience with them and We 'll recommend them to everybody!!!!!!! I had a better service with fineart studio with The Half of the price of THE photographers of my friend who had her wedding in Canada!! Fineart studio Are really a good choice!!!! I have no regrets!!!!


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