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Dominican Republic
My amazing May 6, 2015 Wedding
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Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana - All Inclusive

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By newmrsc, · 807 Views · 0 Comments

We were at GBP Punta Cana from May 1-15 this year, with our wedding on May 6th. It's scary planning a wedding from so far away, but let me tell you the people at this resort are AMAZING at weddings. They really know what they're doing and make everything look beautiful and run smoothly. We got the middle-priced package (Unforgettable) and added 4 hours of open bar (a must for our group but wine and beer are included anyways if you're not big drinkers). The bartenders and servers we had were hilarious and really got into the party. They even showed us how to take a shot in the Dominican and taught the kids some break dance moves. We didn't get the DJ but did rent their sound equipment and just hooked up an ipod and that worked just perfectly for us. We designated the best man/mc to also be the "DJ" but everyone just went up and picked songs whenever they wanted. 


When we first arrived to the resort they told us when our meeting was with the wedding coordinator and when we met with her she made everything so easy. Don't worry about bringing decor, they have tons of options. We just went with simple $25 centerpieces and chair ribbons and it looked beautiful. I'd definitely recommend doing the Private option, it was well worth the extra $$ (at least for us). We were in the Il Cappricio terrace and the food was really good. We stayed and danced and partied until about 11:00 then moved to the lobby bar then to Pueblo Principe.


I used the resorts hairdressers and was a little nervous about it, but they did an amazing job! They did myself, my 2 bridesmaids and my mom & mother-in-law and everyone looked gorgeous. None of us used them for make up, but i'm sure they would be good for that as well.


The ceremony was short and sweet. We had it at the White Gazebo, which I prefered over the beach as the beach was super windy while we were there. We just had a symbolic ceremony and Paula (the WC) preformed it and did a really nice job. We had lots of onlookers (the gazebo is near the pools) but they were at a distance and honestly I didn't even notice until I saw them in photos.


We used the resorts photographers and they were really good. He was friendly and outgoing and really knew what he was doing. We got the medium sized package and added a ton of pictures- so photography turned out to be pretty expensive but I didn't feel like going through and picking out pictures so we just got all of them. Our wedding was at 5:30 (try to do it earlier like 4:00 if possible) and we didn't have time for the bride and groom pictures so we just did group shots on the wedding day then got together a few days later with the photographer and did portraits then. It was ok with us because we'd wanted some shots in the ocean anyways, but it would've been nice to do them on the actual wedding day. 


All in all it was a wonderful day and trip. I can't think of anything else to add right now but if you have any questions or want to see pictures feel free to email aaldred@hotmail.ca





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