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Drouin Wedding May 6, 2015
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By WDrouin, · 918 Views · 2 Comments

Where do i begin with this review... PERFECTION!!!!...... When we started looking for a destination wedding location we wanted something a little different than just getting married on a beach resort. When we seen Las Caletas we instantly knew this was the place we were going to get married. From the moment we started planning our wedding communication through email was perfect.


Blanca was our wedding coordinator and i am beyond thankful for her and the work she does. She was absolutely amazing!! I had so many questions and sent a lot of emails throughout the planning process. Blanca always responded quickly and was nothing but helpful and accommodating. 


We had picked the premier package so when we arrived into Mexico we were able to go over and check out Las Caletas prior to our wedding day. I am so glad we were able to do this together. To see the location prior was an amazing experience to do together. Blanca gave us a wonderful tour of everything and we were able to go through all the plans for the big day. We were also able to touch base with our DJ that day as well, which was nice to be able to do. 


The day of the wedding i headed over with my mother, sister and grandmother and our day was so wonderful. We had the suite all day and someone waiting on us with welcome tacos, drinks and lunch. I was not expecting this and it was very nice to feel so special.  We took advantage of the spa and just relaxed in the bridal suite before getting our hair and makeup done. I was hesitant in getting my hair and makeup done without a trial, so i booked a trial at the resort and i am glad i did. The two ladies that did our hair and makeup were amazing. They did a fabulous job and i am so happy that i decided to get everything done! i mean when will you get married again.....


Our photographer Cristeell was so lovely. We haven't gotten our photos back yet but i can't wait to see them! She even met us at our resort before the wedding day to run through how everything will go. She was very accommodating and also brought along a helper, which was fantastic to get that second shot. One thing i wanted was to get a group shot, which she did... i can't wait to see this one!


DJ just nailed it! Every song we wanted he got spot on and we were so happy with the music all night long. 


The serving staff was unreal. it was five star service... serving our guests on the beach while they dance, bringing cold towels out because it was so hot, helping me with my plate because i was the Bride, serving out cake out to everyone... i couldn't believe it! It made the day even more special to have such amazing service and i know all our guests noticed this as well.


The setting was just amazing, incredible, perfect..... what other words can i use. As some of our guest said to us, it was like out of a movie.....it was a dream... "I don't think i will ever attend another wedding like that"


The food was amazing, so many choices.... something for everyone.


Another thing that was very nice was to have the MC. That way we didn't have to ask anyone to do it. And our MC was so great, did a fantastic job.


We chose to do the sky lanterns and i was so happy we did. It made me so happy to walk around and look at our guest faces and how happy and excited they were to do that. Some couples were hugging watching theres float away... it was a perfect end to a perfect day. 


The ride back on the boat the party didn't stop... the staff were fabulous on the boat, serving guests drinks...so nice to have a private boat for all our guests.


For me i wanted a stress free wedding and that is exactly what it was. Blanca made this happen, it was perfect. Not a single thing went wrong. Everything i had envisioned was brought to life and i am so thankful for every single person at Las Caletas for all there hard work in making this day so special for us and our guests.


The only bad thing i can say is it went by WAY TO FAST!!! i want to do it all over again.


Looking back at pictures i just cry because our day was so amazing and so special.... It really is the most PERFECT place to get married and i feel so lucky to have been able to say "i do" at Las Chalets.


If you choose to get married here you will not be disappointed. And don't worry, everything will run smoothly!






HI! Thank you so much for this post. I just found their website and I am sooo excited because it sounds unreal! Can you please send me the info of your hair and make up, dj and photographer! Also, is there anything you would have done differently?? I am so excited :D

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Hi Whitney, @WDrouin


For Adventure Weddings it was a pleasure to be part of your dream wedding!! thank you Whitney & Ryan for trusting us and let us make this day one of the most memorable days for you & all your wonderful guests..


Wish you a long & happy marriage!! :)


Blanca Ramírez

Adventure Weddings Coordinator

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