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By Handybride58, · 659 Views · 3 Comments

Pros: Worry free! easy to communicate with and great MC
Cons: none :)

Our wedding was May 7, 2015 at the Moon Palace Toucan Terrace. After hearing the prices of Moon Palace's preferred vendor, JSAV, I knew I would have to look for an outside vendor. Turns out even after paying the (ridiculous) $800 outside vendor fee, I was able to get an extra hour of service, and probably a much better DJ for about the same price, if not a little cheaper. I was not approached with any problems of them getting allowance into the resort, or really with anything at all! They were there on time, and knew exactly where they needed to be to provide music for our cocktail hour as well as the reception. The DJ made all the proper announcements when they needed to be done, played all of the songs I requested, and really just did an overall great job! There was not one song that I did not like, and he had all of us on the dance floor all night! Communication with them was very prompt and easy, I sent them a song list very last minute and it was not a problem, I even told them right before our father/daughter and mother/daughter dances to cut them short (those dances feel like you are out there for hours if not!) he faded in and out the songs perfectly without hesitation. Overall they get an A+ 100!! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!


Dear Handybride

Thanks for posting this wonderful review, As always said a party it's an 50/50 50% for a good DJ an 50% for a good crowd and your crowd was truly amazing and fun!

SoontobeMrsMachado mi email contact is: info@discomovilcancun.com

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